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This is what I was thinking. I wanted to see how you guys tackle polishing/restoring thrifted shoes.   Ok, so, 1. Damp Cloth...what kind of cloth? Is there special type/brand you guys recommend? 2. seeing horse hair everywhere...that correct? 3. Buff, what am i using for this?   Thanks again guys. I stopped in a shoe repair/shine place  earlier today and the jackass there told me to use the wax in the same color the shoes are. that was it, he didnt specify...
Thanks to those that replied. Guess I shouldve googled "93605" before asking. Im getting nothing but Shell Cordovan hits with that code for Florsheim Imperials. Woot Woot. Glad I picked these up. Theyre my size too. I gotta get them cleaned up though for sure. Im seeing alot of "Less is more" as far as polishing and cleaning for Cordovans. Most people say to just give them a good brushing?
Quote: Thanks for the reply...heres the markings on the other shoe... By the way, I read in several tutorials that theres a waxy white buildup that forms sometimes in creases....I found this buildup on the tongue.     Oh ok, Well, they look like a cross between Burgundy and Brown. Is that how they fade then? Thanks as well for your reply.
Alright fellas...need some quick help here...These are the Florsheim Imperial V-Cleats I found several days ago. I thought Shell Cordovans only came in one color...burgundy (shows how much I know about shoes, now you know why I really skip them when im hunting). I thought these looked interested though and I started reading up on how to tell the difference from Calf and Shell...but im still a bit lost. Anyways, thought id come here and see if I could get a...
Hmm, I dont know. Only shit I would pick up with holes would be Brioni, Kiton, or Attolini. I slanged a Brioni with holes all over the fuckin place and I managed to squeeze out $70 out of it. It sold to someone in Japan.
You guys are lucky, I havent come across anything Bastien yet.
If it were me, yup. Anything Michael Bastien.
WOOT WOOT! Welcome to the Thrifted Tom Ford club. My cherry was popped last week. It was a shirt. What do those fit like? Straight or Slim leg?
Thanks Spoo, you da man, Ill take your word.
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