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I wish!!
Whut up ya'll Been chillen for a min, I do got some Streetwear shit I wanna post, but itll have to wait a little.   Anyway, just wanted to pop up and share this, a few pages back someone else (sorry, cant remember who) posted the bay link to that NES gold cartridge...This morning when I checked it, I almost shat my was at $35,000....I just checked it now...its at $100,088..Im excited to see where this ends. Oh yeah, its a 10-day listing, it still has 7...
Yo Barrel... Congrats man! Been married here for 7yrs. Im 32. I wouldnt give up my married life for a thousand pairs Iron Hearts. (well shit, maybe, damn) Enjoy the ride!
Shit man, I wish I had some of the busy days you guys have hahaha. I guess it all pans out.
Whut up homies...   its been a minute. Glad to see you guys still hittin the racks...   Slow day here...         2 APC New Standards... 1 Jean Shop Rocker...   and not pictured... Age of Empires III...Mac OS version...Rare...Sealed...$2....Going market rate is a bill. Im not a gamer but ive been trying my hand at other things to expand my knowledge and train my thrifting eye.
Got a question,  Are all Neighborhood jeans made of selvedge denim (with outseam detail)   I ask because I came across a pair of DCNH-PT-09 and its bugging me that it has no selvedge detail.    I tried answering this question myself by looking at eBay listings and checking out pics and alot of them do.    Am I dealing with a fake pair?   Any info is appreciated.    Thanks in advance.
We seriously need some sort of system where we could vote Cheapie Awards worthy finds into nomination as they're being posted on here. It can be easy to forget stuff as its being topped by other badass stuff.
I really need to get into picking up shoes more.    I always check them now since my nearly-new John Lobb loafers last year and its helped me net some good shit. Came up on a pair of also nearly new Edward Green Nutmeg Suede Tassel Loafers a couple of months ago.    Anyway, Im curious. Do you guys leave shoes behind that have nicks/cuts or scuffs?   If so, will doing some simple cleaning and shining hide that type of stuff and make them wearable or sellable?   Im...
Yesterday....   APOLIS Standard Issue Civilian 10" Short... Made in USA... Too long for my taste, might cut em down myself or have em tailored to a 7" inseam      Today...   Raleigh Denim Work Selvage Jean Broken in nicely.       J.Shoes Suede Chukkas...       and im having trouble with this one...dont know if I should kop or not... [[SPOILER]]
Its been awhile... Been lurking and Im glad to see you guys still bringin good shit to the table. I was about to post over 30 pics of highlight pics but it was taking forever, so now im posting highlights of the highlights... None available...Not Discount Dept. store prices...Not Thrift Prices...Church Sale Prices.   Thom Browne Flannel Shirt     Visvim Oxford Cloth Weld Shirt     PRPS Noir...         Gitman...
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