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The cabinets were in excellent shape, no cracks or dented corners. some light scuffing underneath, but thats about it, the dust covers were there too, no rips or anything on em. I would consider them in VG to EXC shape.
I the cabinet was like 12" and it was in a light ash wood, the smaller ones were prolly 8", I just called, they sold the smaller ones for $80.   Fuck, I wanted all of it together.
Well, heres the catch: NAD Amp - $100, B&W Large speakers - $150, Not sure how much she was asking for the small ones cause at that point I had a little bit of sticker shock, but im assuming at least $75
TO KOP or NOT TO KOP....   NAD C 320BEE Amplifier B&W DM601 S3 Main Speakers and another pair that look smaller but the same
Maybe you guys have read about this already, maybe not, since its Thrift Store related...   Craaaazzy!
Whut up...   Thanks for all the kind words about the finds. As always, nice to be surrounded by other people who pop boners when they see this kinda stuff.   I hit a couple of discount stores this weekend and saw some decent shit but it was still priced out of my range. You know, discount stores are cool but I think there is soooo much good shit in there that it takes the fun out of hunting. I was literally going through racks and saying to myself "Oh shit, Todd...
I havent posted actual finds in forever, so I decided to post some highlights from the last couple of weeks, I havent been going out as much....   LEVIS VINTAGE CLOTHING x OPENING CEREMONY 1975 Cord Jacket Made in USA         CHIMALA Coverall Jacket Thing Made in Japan       NOT PICTURED....   Reigning Champ Herringbone Shawl Cardigan   The Strike Gold Selvedge Jeans   Oh and these a thing?...      
Ive been seeing alot of crazy colabs lately.   Just yesterday.... Bespoken x Gap... Southwick x Taylor Stitch   I wanna see some Kiton x Target, thatd be tight.
Oh yeah, and the only reason im posting it is because of the shit he says at the :13 mark.
Whut up!...   Had to share this with you guys....hopefully it aint one of you...
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