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Ugh, Revolve couldn't price match for white CP :(
And pindot bow ties!
Please take some pics once you get it if you don't mind!
Trying to understand shirt fabric quality. What do the numbers is "40/1x24/2 construction" mean? Which would be better, 40/1x24/2 OR 40/1x40/1?
I'd appreciate a proxy for Mr P if anyone has access.
Yah I am shocked. I don't even like green leather products, but those photos are making me want to buy it, right now. That is gorgeous.
I feel like it has to be green then. Unless it is something crazy like purple. lol
 Negative as in, you never have tried them, or you had a negative experience with them? If it's the latter, why?
Any experience with their suits and jackets?
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