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Anyone have any experience with them?
Yah, I feel like that one is kind of unique, but can't decide if it looks classy or cheap.
What do people think about the two metal bands for the Apple Watch (stainless steel)?   Link Bracelet       Milanese Loop  
Out of curiosity, what do the products entail? Just conditioner? Or polish for recoloring, etc?
Interestingly enough, I have always bought size US 9.5 shoes. Just measured my own foot at exactly 10" of length which coverts to a US 8/8.5. These chelsea boots are UK 8.5 or US 9/9.5. Not conclusive, but interesting to me at least.
What is worse, a shoe that is a little tight or one that is a little loose?
It's so hard to tell, but the sliding is only a little, like a very little. And yes it is a chelsea. So its hard for me to tell, is this just how a chelsea boot feels, or is this too loose. Grr
So some how I still have the ability to return these Cheaney Chelsea boots I recently bought, despite wearing them a few times. Now is the moment of truth. They feel comfortable pretty much everywhere, but the heel is loose. Just a little. When sitting I can slide my foot back and forth (just a little), and the heel slips a little bit when I walk. I have never had a goodyear welted shoe, and heard that slipping is normal initially. Should I return these and take the chance...
Got my email too! What do you think of the briefcase?
Where do people normally find out about sample sales in NYC?
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