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I am curious what other people think as well. I think I like the classic more as well.
K cool, thanks for the confidence boost
Mr Porter shipping for people who ordered early Monday morning (2AM)? Mine still hasn't. Scared it might be out of stock.
Is there a good way to track the next Mr. Porter price drop? It will likely happen this Monday in the early morning right?
Anyone have access to the founders sale?
Thanks, I am comparing it to the Mismo Express currently. I do like the back hidden pocket
Anyone have experience with Octovo?   Interested in this bag: https://www.sportique.com/collections/octovo/products/octovo-foldover-backpack-blue
Can anyone give their overall impressions of the crossbody purse? My sister is looking at it for a small day bag (for travel) (phone, passport, wallet, sunglasses, small notebook). Her current bag is a little too big (according to her).
Cool, just subscribed. When are you planning on sending the email?
Sorry it already sold! But I'm fairly certain they are working to restock it!
New Posts  All Forums: