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I have recently begun to really get into the styling of Vince, but I keep hearing they are overpriced for what they offer. Any better valued brands with similar styling (preppy basics with an edge)? I appreciate their slim cuts and things like their:   5 pocket slim stretch chinos pima cotton tshirts and henleys cashmere sweaters interesting jackets and shoes   All their stuff is simple but interesting to me, but I realize the quality for money ratio isnt there. I...
While I've been disappointed with their cashmere sweaters, the 2 cashmere scarves I've gotten from them have held up super well for over 3 years now.
I have a question because quality is constantly changing. Barring Hermes, what do people think are the top 5 men's bag makers currently considering design and quality of materials and craftsmanship?
Well same here, so you are saying they look like they are falling where they should?
Thanks for the response! What do you mean by this part?
Trying to see if the shoulders on these two shirts fit well enough? Or look too small to keep? My other option would be to size up and pay a ton for a NYC tailor to take in the sleaves, shorten it etc which I'm not dying to do. The rest of the shirt fits great as is, just the shoulders seem like they may be too small? If you need pics from a different angle or in a different way let me know.          
I just wanted to mention, since you guys are now putting together a canvas collection, I would be interested in some sort of tote back that could be collapsed, rolled, folded, etc and packed in a suitcase. Use case:   I am traveling with my rolling carry-on and my new Linjer weekender ;) as my "personal item", but once I get to my destination I want a small easy bag to take out during the day. Something akin to a Longchamp bag but not so "girly" for lack of a better word.
Looking to add a couple oxford shirts to my wardrobe. I have narrowed down my options to Everlane and Gustin as they are both in my price range and also both have MOP buttons. Does anyone have experience with both of these. Is there a quality difference, and if so, is it worth the wait I will have with Gustin?
Yah I picked it up, it is awesome.
It seems like the Soho store will soon be out of stock, I asked for a couple things I couldn't find and they said all stock is on the floor.
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