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No worries, just wasn't sure if this brand goes on sale usually or not. Some brands often do, others don't.
I just discovered Troubadour Goods and am officially in love (with everything but the price). Do these bags ever go on sale? What is the best store and time to catch them on sale, and what kind of discount can I get?
As usual, anything I actually want is excluded.
I want the navy one, but probably wont purchase if the hardware doesn't match my other bags. Would drive me nuts.
Thank you! It is a very nice looking bag.
I think the original thread I posted this in is dead, but does anyone happen to know what the bag is at the bottom of this picture?
What is the name of the briefcase you used in the example?
I am considering offering a briefcase in the Marine color. Do you have any more briefcase pics or items in that color?
Anyone have any codes for creatures of comfort? Free shipping?
 Thanks for pointing that out. Looks like they are made in Mumbai, India. Source:http://www.styleforum.net/t/459017/azzuraa-bespoke-leather-goods-official-affiliate-thread/0_100#post_7735251
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