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Just got a pair of Cheaney Twinneedle Chelsea Boots. I really like them, but am not sure about the fit, this is my first pair of Chelsea boots. I normally am a 9.5 US for almost all my shoes (sperrys without socks, I sized down to US 8.5). I got a UK 8.5 for these, but am worried they are a little too loose. They don't seem to slip much, but its hard to tell just walking around my tiny studio apartment. I am just nervous since with Chelsea Boots you cannot tighten them...
Haven't used it myself, just know of it. They seem to team up with Rakuten a lot.
 It's doing one now too: http://www.jshoppers.com/forward/
Aesop 10% off   Code is:   TIMBER   for purchases made before midnight tomorrow, December 11, 2014
Does anyone know if Cheaney ever has a sale?
I don't know how I missed that, but great to hear!
When was that? I buy their stuff pretty religiously, and am subscribed to their newsletter. Guess I missed the memo.
Aesop never goes on sale. Never.
 Im sure you dont mean 40% off the entire Barneys site (one can dream), is this an additional 40 off sale?
 Which store is this for?
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