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Can anyone give their overall impressions of the crossbody purse? My sister is looking at it for a small day bag (for travel) (phone, passport, wallet, sunglasses, small notebook). Her current bag is a little too big (according to her).
Cool, just subscribed. When are you planning on sending the email?
Sorry it already sold! But I'm fairly certain they are working to restock it!
Does anyone have the Mismo Express backpack. How have you found the size? I want it for commuting and for a day pack when traveling.
Looking for a simple, water resistant backpack for travel / commuting. Nothing too big. Any suggestions?
Is toe creasing with suede slip ons pretty normal? I've only worn mine once and the right foot (my larger foot) already has a crease.
Does anyone have the $75 off $300 promo for new members at MatchesFashion they would be willing to share? PM me if you do
eBay Link added (extra $65 to account for eBay fees btw)
Well the toes don't hurt, just feel a little tight. Its hard to say how they will feel after a day of wear. I am more wondering where the front toe should fall, I don't want bunions lol
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