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Well its just a personal preference, but I prefer to avoid logos at all costs. Personally, I think if a product is truly well made, its quality should speak for itself. I like to buy products so well made that they don't need a logo, because people will ask where you got it when they see it.
  That's funny, because in this picture it shows it pretty prominently??    
I know this seems trivial, but one of my biggest problems with them is they way they brand their hangers, its just super tacky, especially the shirt hangers. Its painful
Well just for those curious, I was in contact with Butler Luxury about their hangers, and when I asked about there plans, part of their response was:     It seems like their direct to consumer thing is new, and according to the rep I talked to they have actually been making hangers for big names for over 20 years. Just for people's info. That being said, their rep did seem a tiny bit stand off-ish, but maybe I was just being too sensitive.
By the way, I noticed Butler shirt hangers only come in one size, 18 inches. All my shirts are either XS or small, will that be a problem?
Alright, good to know.
I am looking to invest in some high quality wooden hangers and am trying to decide between The Hanger Project and Butler Luxury Hangers. Does anyone have any experience with one or both of these products? Also, does anyone have other recommendations? All I know is that the Butler ones are hand finished and made of only two pieces of wood, and the hanger project ones are made of four pieces of wood and machine finished. The pricing is almost identical.
I am always on the search, looking for brands to replace the brands I love but feel guilty about shopping at. I used to shop almost exclusively at JCrew because I love the look, but can't stomach shopping somewhere that takes advantage of their factory workers in such awful ways (besides, their cashmere pills like crazy ). Banana Republic is almost just as bad with regards to this.   I have become a big fan of Everlane, both for their transparency and corporate...
  What size are they (and if you dont mind me asking what is your height and weight?)? Interested in getting these possibly
No help?
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