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And on that same note, any care recommendations? This is my first "nice" pair of shoes. It doesn't look like Cheaney sells any of their own creams or conditioners. Is color matching gonna be a problem? What do others in the US use?
Thanks for the replies, I wore them outside today, so I guess I am keeping them either way now. They are a little tight in the toes on my right side, and then a tad loose in the heel on the left side. So I feel like worst case scenario I will just need to get some sort of filler on the left side. I'm just too nervous ill pay $40 to ship these back and get a smaller size and then end up paying even more to get the smaller ones stretched. This is what I have to deal with I...
Is there a good place to get Cheaney shoes resoled in the USA? I have some Threadneedles I got for like $270 and right now the factory repair service is £150 ($225) and taking into account shipping it seems insane for me to even do that. (I live in NYC by the way)
I just got these chelsea boots. The seem to fit okay and don't really slip. I am US 9.5 and got a UK 8.5. The ankle heel area seems to have a little room, but I have never worn a chelsea boot before. The toes feel good, but have a teeny bit of room. I am wondering if they are a little on the big side? It is hard to tell having never worn cheaney or chelsea boots before though...
Hoping for the 300-400 price range. These are pretty much exactly what I want just without the stupid bottega pattern: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/bottega_veneta/intrecciato-leather-boat-shoes-/493648 I feel like they strike the perfect balance for me between casual and formal.
Yah, I really wanted drivers cause I like the look, but it's just not realistic living in New York City. They would get destroyed. BOrtega Veneta makes this same thing which I'm sure would also be good quality, but trying to stay away from logos.
These have a more refined look than that. Basically the style of a driving shoe but with a full leather sole.
I have been looking for these exact shoes for weeks now: http://jaybutler.com/collections/mens-casual-leather-loafers-shoes/products/mens-leather-tie-loafer The look is exactly what I want, but I have never heard of this company and am worried about the quality. Does anyone have any experience with this company? And if they are not good, does anyone know any better companies that make this exact style?
Just got a pair of Cheaney Twinneedle Chelsea Boots. I really like them, but am not sure about the fit, this is my first pair of Chelsea boots. I normally am a 9.5 US for almost all my shoes (sperrys without socks, I sized down to US 8.5). I got a UK 8.5 for these, but am worried they are a little too loose. They don't seem to slip much, but its hard to tell just walking around my tiny studio apartment. I am just nervous since with Chelsea Boots you cannot tighten them...
Haven't used it myself, just know of it. They seem to team up with Rakuten a lot.
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