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Do they normally further reduce?
Anyone tried thier slim oxfords? How does the  fit compare to slim J.crew? Specifically XS?
I noticed no one has started a Jomers thread, so I though I would. I have actually never bought from them before, but am very interested in their offerings. I found out of them after the last sellout so I am waiting for a restock to try them out. Any experiences and/or thoughts?   http://jomers.com/
Thanks! Which size? Sorry, Im just trying to get a frame of reference.
Which particular model is this button?
Is there a defining characteristic stylistically or with the materials that I should notice between the Rancourt sneakers and these? I am trying to compare the two (white low tops).
@Azzuraa Any update on when the grey leather may make an appearance?
Ugh, Revolve couldn't price match for white CP :(
And pindot bow ties!
Please take some pics once you get it if you don't mind!
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