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 Im sure you dont mean 40% off the entire Barneys site (one can dream), is this an additional 40 off sale?
 Which store is this for?
 True true, but it still feels more minimal and clean to me.
 I think that would be useful, go for it!
Is it worth it to wait for 50% off on Mr Porter? Or will everything be gone?
Thanks for your reply, but it is the embossed logo that I'm trying to avoid
I am looking for a high quality credit card holder without logos on the outside (feels impossible).   The only options I've found are:   Leatherology (reasonable price, crap quality) http://www.leatherology.com/mens-leather-wallets/slim-card-case-brown-leather-chocolate-brown/     Bottega Veneta (great quality, crazy price) http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/card-case-or-coin-purse_cod46375594cm.html     Anyone have something in between?
Did anyone get anything successfully from Mr Porter?
Any recent experiences with this outlet?
Sounds great, look forward to seeing what you come up with. Hope you guys keep the no outside logo thing going.
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