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what do you think about sandals and dress shirts together for the day time. Casual, not for work. sorry about my same two posts, I didnt know the other one went through.......
Do you think 30 year old men can still wear carpe denim jeans and clothes that are really fashion foward?
I really like these carpe denim jeans. I found them from another forum. Some girl was talking about them alot. I checked out the site and liked what I saw. Its kind of different from your average company. The girl modeling is definitly hot. I saw her in another ad, I forget what company it was. Anyway, I would like your opinins on the company. I know the jeans are due out this fall, I wondered if being 33, I was too old to buy them.
I am going as a guest of one of the models.
I am going to the Elite Model look 2003. The event is sponsored by Carpe Denim and Von Dutch. I think there is going to be a lot of celebs and press there. What do you think I should wear?
they remind me of carpe, or paper denim, all of which I love. I think seven has a cool back stitch.
If your into designer jeans you should check out Carpe Denim jeans. I heard about them from a friend in Orlando. They have a very cool concept. Also try Rogan, and paper denim. I think these companies are the best of the best. I live in NYC, and have been hearing great things about all three of these companies. I would like to here your comments on the three lines....
Have you seen Energie's new line for spring 2003. I thought it was pretty good. Their style is kind of all over the place though..... your comments wanted
I was on a cool site yesterday, if you like fashion foward jeans try carpe denim. I don't think they come out till fall but I heard they are suppose to be pretty hot. Also try Rogan, they too have an excellent finish as well as fit. Both well worth the Hundred dollar price tag.
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