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Just returned from Seattle last weekend. It was raining the entire time we were there, but here's an obligatory Space Needle shot (reflection off the wet sidewalk).  
Also, how much baggier are the Keirin Cuts compared to the Slim Dungarees?   The Slim Dungarees are pretty tight on me, ALMOST leggings tight but not really. 
Bought these from a member on here and literally just got these in the mail yesterday. Alas, they are too slim for my legs.    Worn 3 times by the previous owner, and just tried on once by me. The pants look and feel brand new.    Size 30 (see measurements here: http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/slim-dungarees.html#fragment-4 )   Indigo color   Looking for $150 shipped CONUS. I take Paypal.   PM me if interested. Please no lowballers.
Anyone looking for a pair of Slim Dungarees (Indigo) in 30? I just bought a pair off a member on here and they are way too slim for me.
Their Slim Fit dress shirts fit great, but the quality is something left to be desired. Very thin material. I bought mines for full price at $29.99, but even at $19.99, I would save up for something else.
I'm looking to sell my like new Norse Projects Nunk v2 jacket in size small S   It was purchased from Vert & Vogue in NC several weeks ago. Since then, I've worn it once but decided that it was just too big for me. It is in excellent condition and the quality is exceptional.   Please see http://www.norseprojects.com/store/aw_2012/outerwear/nunk-jacket-v2 for measurements and additional information.   PM me if interested.   Thanks!
Regarding the T-Shirts.   I bought one of the $6 dry-packaged ones the other week, washed it, and it fits really great. Perfect length, but the sleeves are just a tad longer that I would like. Not too tight in the chest or shoulders. You are correct about them being thin though.    I want to try out the premium Ts as well. If I'm a XS in the dry-packaged, should I get a S in the premium them? Or just stick with XS.
Have you been wearing them regularly?
Either regular small or slim fit medium. You'll have to get the shirts hemmed/shortened most likely too.
  Thanks for this. I'm going to order a strap or 2 for my G12. I've been wanting a Canon Red/Black EOS strap for it, but it's way too much for a camera that's rather compact.
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