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I'm looking for a Carhartt WIP "Clash" Parka in the olive green color in size XS.   Please PM me and let me know if you have one for sale.   Thanks
Here's my recently acquired Seiko SKX007 on an olive Maratac NATO (picture taken last week just after receiving it):    
Thoughts on black suede desert boots? Would like to get a pair of black boots to wear with black denim.
I completely agree with you. If you have wide(r) feet, don't hesitate to at least size down 1 full size and go EE.
I agree with the guys above. I ordered a 7D, and while it fit fine (barely any heel slip), the sides of my feet were cramped in there and "overflowing" like yours. I went with a 7EE and never looked back.
 I wear their XS slim OCBD. I picked up a couple of the flannels and the fit felt slightly looser than the slim OCBDs, but slimmer than the regular fit OCBDs. Length is slightly shorter than the OCBDs.
Bought these Uniqlo Slim Flat Front Chinos from their Spring 13 line here in the SF, CA store.    They are 30 x 29 and were hemmed by Uniqlo.   I tried them on once but never wore it out or anything. I want to sell it since I can't find a way to fit it into my style. As you can see, the tags are still on it. Extra buttons are attached on the back pocket.   Measurements: Thigh (across): ~10.5" Knee (across): ~8.5" Leg opening (across): ~7"   Please message me if...
To those who recommended the Gap Slim Lived-In Khakis, thank you.   I bought a pair today and they feel great. Snug but not too tight and no pocket flare at all. Slimmer than Dockers Alpha for sure (which I wanted).
Do the Nyco Slims break in pretty well?   Just got my pair yesterday and the fabric is a tad stiff for my liking. 
I've returned stuff back to Outlier 3 times now and each time has been cake. I used the form and printed out the label. Shortly after, someone from Outlier contacted me and basically gave me the OK.   Their customer service is general is really good. A month or so back, I had asked when they would restock Slim Dungs. They told me in 4-6 weeks at first, but emailed me back an hour or so after and said they found a pair of the pants that I wanted (and in the size I...
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