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[[SPOILER]] Ugh. I work 30 seconds from Altmans, but wear a 11.5D. I should have gone in a long time ago to see what they had. 
Late response, but these are mine. At the time, they only had khaki stitching or white, so I went with khaki b/c I wanted contrast. I'm not sure that they have other colors available now. 
I hate to ask this so late, but I seem to recall seeing a picture of the brown grain that were much, much lighter, almost walnut-esque. I'm trying to decide between the shades, but that picture of the brown looks very close to the merlot ECs i just received, so I probably would lean towards the chili.    Am I crazy or did someone post lighter brown grain a bit ago?
Alright, the brown grain is going to have a vtread sole? I think I might be in.    Can I get a comparison between brown and chili grain, please? 
In case someone wanted to see olive "graysons" again...   I sure do wish I got a pair in navy as well, WI. 
Would someone with Bleecker Streets and Fifth Streets please compare the height of the two shoes and possibly snap a few pics of them? I know they are rather different in style, but I don't think I need more than one pair between the two.    Thanks!
I didn't order them yet. I'll get around to it, maybe during black friday sales. 
That probably was the original estimate, but I'm sure for some people it's a bit difficult seeing other people already with their pairs. 
When I asked a few days ago, Allison told me the outlook was "mid to late November." I didn't bother inquiring further as to why that was the case, as my bank account is currently being decimated by bourbon and boots. 
The "brown" Bleecker Street seconds I purchased just yesterday arrived today. Unfortunately, like someone else here recently had happen, they are actually bourbon. Not only is the color of the leather decidedly bourbon- I can see the walnut on non-visible portions of the tongue- but they also have the black welt and edge color that the walnuts come with. Huge bummer as there are no other BS seconds in brown anywhere near my size. I'm hoping for some kind of awesome miracle...
New Posts  All Forums: