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Has anybody seen or tried on the Hagarstown moc boots? I was thinking about alternatives of these (rancourt, quoddy), then I see AE came out with them. 
Thanks guys. I'm going to have to stop by my local store to check them out. 
I need opinions on Kirkwoods vs Maritimes. The laces on the Maritimes look to be rather long, so maybe I'd snip them a bit, but I don't know which to go with in navy (and possibly golden brown). Even if I were to get one of each, which is preferred?
Thanks. Hopefully they will have another trunk show with additional colors available! 
Those look great. Any idea what colors of shell are currently available?
After receiving my BC Carlyles, I've concluded AE needs to make these in shell. Perhaps I'll do a MTO...
If you're talking Navy suede, I had these done a few years ago. 
I've been "away" from SF and the MTO/appreciation thread for a pretty long time. Last I remember seeing was the trunk show where navy, natural, dark dark brown, and green shell was being offered. How did those turn out generally? I see some people posting some awesome looking pairs. Just curious to see if there were any major issues.   Oh yeah, that and the grain Eagle County boots- how'd those turn out?
Been away for a while. As much as I love the bourbon color, I hate that they always use black welts/edges/laces. It's keeping me from ordering so many pairs. 
[[SPOILER]] Ugh. I work 30 seconds from Altmans, but wear a 11.5D. I should have gone in a long time ago to see what they had. 
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