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If you're talking Navy suede, I had these done a few years ago. 
I've been "away" from SF and the MTO/appreciation thread for a pretty long time. Last I remember seeing was the trunk show where navy, natural, dark dark brown, and green shell was being offered. How did those turn out generally? I see some people posting some awesome looking pairs. Just curious to see if there were any major issues.   Oh yeah, that and the grain Eagle County boots- how'd those turn out?
Been away for a while. As much as I love the bourbon color, I hate that they always use black welts/edges/laces. It's keeping me from ordering so many pairs. 
[[SPOILER]] Ugh. I work 30 seconds from Altmans, but wear a 11.5D. I should have gone in a long time ago to see what they had. 
Late response, but these are mine. At the time, they only had khaki stitching or white, so I went with khaki b/c I wanted contrast. I'm not sure that they have other colors available now. 
I hate to ask this so late, but I seem to recall seeing a picture of the brown grain that were much, much lighter, almost walnut-esque. I'm trying to decide between the shades, but that picture of the brown looks very close to the merlot ECs i just received, so I probably would lean towards the chili.    Am I crazy or did someone post lighter brown grain a bit ago?
Alright, the brown grain is going to have a vtread sole? I think I might be in.    Can I get a comparison between brown and chili grain, please? 
In case someone wanted to see olive "graysons" again...   I sure do wish I got a pair in navy as well, WI. 
Would someone with Bleecker Streets and Fifth Streets please compare the height of the two shoes and possibly snap a few pics of them? I know they are rather different in style, but I don't think I need more than one pair between the two.    Thanks!
I didn't order them yet. I'll get around to it, maybe during black friday sales. 
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