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Is the cap on the Bleecker Street similar in length to that of the park/fifth aves? I sure hope not. 
Bob's Chili Strands will soon be, at worst, the second most popular color for that design. 
Wow. Those are incredible. 
Boom. Grey suede Mora 2.0, Olive suede Grayson. The olive is much more "green" than it appears in these pictures. 
[[SPOILER]] Damn those look nice.
I might have a coworker who is interested in one of the ECs. What would be the best way to get him added to the survey? Submit a second makeup using my name?
Voted. Merlot.
You strongly feel the dainite sole wouldn't be appropriate for snow/ice/slush?
I must apologize, but I have to back out of the Navy EC offer. I need to review the specs for the brown grain and merlot versions and decide between the two of them. I will do that within 24 hours, assuming I have that much time. 
I'm in for at least one of the navy or merlot EC. Going to get my size figured out tomorrow (there's an AE in my office building). What's the best recommendation for a shoe to try on? Are there any boots on the same last or only shoes?
New Posts  All Forums: