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Intentional non-spoiler. That carlyle in Bob's Chili is phenomenal. I had no interest in this model prior to seeing it in this color, but my mind has completely changed. 
I could be wrong here, but I thought the program's end didn't mean that you could no longer do any MTO, but rather that we just had to pay the MTO fee associated with the custom makeup. Thoughts?
Olive Suede Graysons. A casual Friday indeed.
So in this case, if you wanted to fix it, would you just have to pay the recraft fee?
Thanks tif. PMd.
So let me get this straight- Shoes marked with "no warranty" will not be recrafted at all by AE? That seems unreasonable. What's the explanation for that?
[[SPOILER]] I had the same issue with a pair of bourbon kenilworths. I spoke with Allison, who provided me with a shipping label to take a look at them. She then offered to refinish the shoes, free of charge. 
That's the best-kept copy of the bluebook I think I've ever seen. 
There was one point months ago where people were complaining that they could see a "bump" in their Mcalisters (I believe) due to what was thought to be a toe stiffener in the cap. I couldn't care less about creasing, personally, but it seems as if the only way that people would be pleased would be by AE having caps of multiple lengths to be used with different lasts, widths, sizes, models, etc. If you keep your shoes properly cared for, I don't believe creasing will have...
New Posts  All Forums: