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Yes, I know from recent experience that you can. 
Unfortunately the mailer only lists the Jefferson. 
Sorry, forgot Jefferson in black brown and walnut for 350. There's more in the rough and casual collections and accessories, but I figure that can wait until the 11th. Enjoy. 
Sale info: University in black or walnut - 260 Lexington (based on Park Ave, but "more modern toe") black brown bourbon chili - 240 McAllister all colors - 260 Boca Raton 260 Ashton 260 Mora 2 - 260 Randolph 260 Lake shore drive, Clark St., Addison, rush St. - 250
Ah, okay. Perhaps I'm confusing the anniversary and the RDA sales. Oh well!
Same here. I'd love to take advantage of even the 15% off the non-featured items receive from the sale. I'll probably do two MTOs this time around. 
Care to share what models?
I've got suede players, neumoks, MTO strands, and amoks.  None of them have any creases.  If anything, the players have developed a very slight roll that if I was stretching, I'd compare to that of shell cordovan. I can snap pictures tonight. 
You never know.  Could be exactly what somebody was waiting for. 
I assume the answer is yes. I haven't yet called myself, but attached are the email and the content of the link when I clicked through.  
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