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That's the best-kept copy of the bluebook I think I've ever seen. 
There was one point months ago where people were complaining that they could see a "bump" in their Mcalisters (I believe) due to what was thought to be a toe stiffener in the cap. I couldn't care less about creasing, personally, but it seems as if the only way that people would be pleased would be by AE having caps of multiple lengths to be used with different lasts, widths, sizes, models, etc. If you keep your shoes properly cared for, I don't believe creasing will have...
Great shot. Are those GAP selvedge twill pants?
I've been itching to wear my grey suede Mora 2.0s, but I don't have a matching belt. Anybody have a lead on a grey suede belt?
I've experienced the opposite with my indy line soles vs. the standard. That is, my standard soles wear through very quickly (to the point of me considering toe taps), but my Jeffersons show little to no wear after more than a year.
Can you provide details on this makeup? I've never seen AE's brown look like this. they are gorgeous.
So what did you use to re-moisturize them? I've got a pair of cordo patriots that look completely beat, and nothing seems to be working to replenish any type of shine.
My apologies- I didn't take a long enough look at the tie and just assumed it was a wool knit. Nothing wrong with silk knit ties for this season.
[[SPOILER]] I like everything about this outfit except for the tie. Personally, I think it's a bit warm now for knit ties, and I think something like a very deep navy or violet would work better here. Nonetheless, I'm a fan of the monotone color scheme you've got going!
I have a navy suede MTO strand and the Rush Street (cxl, dainite sole), so those two are out. I like the idea of a merlot golf strand w/ vtread though. How does the 73 last fit compare to the 5 last?
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