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  [[SPOILER]]   Excuse the dirty mirror. Promise to get better quality pics when I actually get to wear it more often. Just too hot at the moment.
Just got tracking info on a moto ordered Nov 10 for anyone wondering what lead times are like
Nov 10, moto 2011. Doubt yours will be this week.
Mikhail Zenon in Sydney has a few http://mikhailzenon.com/blog/?page_id=266   Up There Store in Melbourne just got in a few chainstitch machines but they're not Singer http://www.uptherestore.com/blog/jason/2012/09/items-interest-sewing-machines
Normally a SW&D guy but I've got a wedding coming up so I grabbed a new tie from Henry Carter.   Loving that grenadine texture.
Has anyone had experience with the MTM shirts by Oliver's Shirts on Miller St in North Sydney? Their sign says they start from about $160.   Any other MTM shirt places I should check out around the CBD/lower north shore/eastern suburbs? I know of the one on Level 2 of the Strand Arcade but not many others. I've heard of Nakhle too but he's a bit too far out for me.   Definitely looking towards the cheaper end, so any recommendations in that regard would be much...
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