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Also wearing mine today ... 20F (10F windchill) here in Beijing at the moment, but Heirloom cardigan plus cashminks trump winter! Have to confess also that I ordered a pair of the EFF Walts in teal and cream windowpane last night. I have no idea yet how I am going to wear them, but the swatch (and price) was too good to pass on.
 Mike - are the stock Pearl Grey Flannel Walts going to be in the same fabric as listed the MTO option? If not, which is the heavier weight? The two lambswool Walts I have already (Air Force Blue and Lovat I think they were called) are really comfortable and warm enough, except on really windy days, and I definitely need something like this for my winter wardrobe. Good to see the cashminks also lined up for a reappearance - those things are bezonkers warm!
 Way ahead of you there - same thing happened to me last year with my grape heather heirloom cardigan. The problem with the off-the-rack medium was not that it was too small, but that it wasn't large enough to be unwearably oversized on my wife (well at least not in her opinion...). This year I planned ahead accordingly - extra inches on mine, and a decoy for her :)   Big shout of thanks also to Dylan (and whoever was working downstairs in the storeroom that day) for much...
 Looking good. Very good. Can you check though the EU sizing - it looks off to me. If these are TTS then I would expect a US12 = UK 11 = EU45 or 45.5, whereas the drop down currently gives US12/EU 44.5.
The new linen MTO trouser options are looking great - and as these are linen blends I can justify buying even though I already decided I have enough linen pants ...   Whilst you are tweaking the website, the accompanying text contains a couple of typos: "52% wool / 24% linen / 24% wool" should be "52% wool / 24% silk / 24% linen", and the description following this of the "storm cloud" fabric (great name for a great fabric) seems odd, as in the swatches this is shown as...
I think between us we have all of them (so far) in that case ...(Edit: updated montage to add the missing ones - thanks to badsha and eddiemczee) [[SPOILER]]
 Congratulations  - those look great. I wasn't fast enough on the (credit card) draw to nab a pair of those (also need a something light gray in my winter flannel arsenal).   Not too upset though - I'm enjoying watching the show here in the Orient (almost 1am at the moment) with a glass of Highland Park in my hand....
Mike - Can you comment on whether there is a difference between the weight of the OTR pearl gray flannel and the MTO option? The text for the OTR Walts mentions "lightweight flannel", which makes me think this might be a different fabric.
Mike -  I am correct in thinking that the stock pearl grey flannel (Walt) is a different material to the MTO version (the text specifically says this is a lightweight flannel)? I am looking for something a similar weight to the "Air Force Blue" and "Lovat Green" pairs I already have. Ordering from stock would certainly be easier in terms of delivery.   Any news also on those kudulicious Tanker boots? Are you getting a full size run (up to US12) in those?
 Thanks Mike - that's good to hear. One more question ... Anything gnarly in kudu leather lined up for footwear this winter ....? Great outfit - I regret not picking up the LBM1911 Flax Chinolino when I had the chance.
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