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 Nice. Nabbed one of those, as well as the Albini dyed floral linen, and the goldenrod Oxford in a last minute shirt-swoop.
 Very interested to hear a bit more about the lined blend seed stitch also ... How does the weight compare with the wheat and straw slubby linen?
 I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think you can tell by looking at the bottom of the button side of the shirt placket. All the Gitman shirts I have (either the "Ashland" incarnation or the more recent xGitman shirts) have a label in that location giving the material composition and washing instructions, whereas the New England shirts don't.
 Will do :) You'll have to wait until April though, as that's when I am traveling to the US and can arrange either a store visit, or a rendezvous with a USPS delivery ...  I'm not sure how much use I'll be able to get out of it this season - could be toasty in more ways than one by that time of year (at least here in Beijing).
@Todd V Probably doesn't help much, but I think the jacket will make up something between these two (the first is a BB jacket; the second is Southwick for O'Connells). I'm not sure I'll wear the full suit that often, but the trousers will definitely get plenty of use (and not too much concern about wear mismatch jacket and trousers for that kind of cloth).  
 If that was me, then all I can say in my defence is: Ends For Friends January 2016 Harris Tweed - Harris Tweed Toasty HerringboneSportcoat Style: Single Breasted, 3-Roll-2 Button, Unconstructed ShoulderSportcoat Size: 38Sportcoat Length: Long (1" Longer)Rear Vents: Double Vented Rear (Side Vents)Button Color: Brown Horn (U3)Pocket Styling: Welt Breast Pocket, Hip Inset Flap PocketsSleeve Length: Long (1" Longer)Sleeve Finish: Buttons sewn on but not functionalSportcoat...
Yes and no ... Yes, in my experience the Koi shirt runs slightly small, and no, it looks like a good if not great fit to me.   To expand on that, I purchased this shirt new a few years back and it has only ever been cold washed and hung dry. As a medium/small in EP shirts, the Koi shirt is probably the slimmest fitting of all the EP shirts in my wardrobe (including the ones purchased as a size small) - it already was when I bought it, and definitely shrank a little even...
Also wearing mine today ... 20F (10F windchill) here in Beijing at the moment, but Heirloom cardigan plus cashminks trump winter! Have to confess also that I ordered a pair of the EFF Walts in teal and cream windowpane last night. I have no idea yet how I am going to wear them, but the swatch (and price) was too good to pass on.
 Mike - are the stock Pearl Grey Flannel Walts going to be in the same fabric as listed the MTO option? If not, which is the heavier weight? The two lambswool Walts I have already (Air Force Blue and Lovat I think they were called) are really comfortable and warm enough, except on really windy days, and I definitely need something like this for my winter wardrobe. Good to see the cashminks also lined up for a reappearance - those things are bezonkers warm!
 Way ahead of you there - same thing happened to me last year with my grape heather heirloom cardigan. The problem with the off-the-rack medium was not that it was too small, but that it wasn't large enough to be unwearably oversized on my wife (well at least not in her opinion...). This year I planned ahead accordingly - extra inches on mine, and a decoy for her :)   Big shout of thanks also to Dylan (and whoever was working downstairs in the storeroom that day) for much...
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