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I've just thought of whom you remind me of: Mark Corrigan from the British comedy, Peep Show. Your expression is him! Had a quick browse of your blog. Nice work.
A tad Simon Cowell, so I'm afraid it's a no from me. Individual bits I like but the not the combo.
As soon as I saw it I knew it must be Dashing Tweed. I've occasionally been featured in Guy's promotions; a top bloke. Keep flying the flag! If anyone is into, or looking for an interesting flat cap check his stuff out. Something not mentioned is that Guy weaves his own textiles and has 3M scotchlite reflective material woven in, so for cyclists you're a little more visible. Little wrong with two wheeled sartorialism.
    Not sure I'd use any of their pocket squares/hankerchiefs on glasses as they're (IMO) too rough and could scratch the surface.
RE Edwin 55   Sorry I'm not on here much, hence the delay but they are very good quality (I think the crotch is triple stitched) but make sure to get your exact correct size as they're likely to have that diaper look if bought too big.
I'm not seeing it myself. A good alternative would be the Edwin 55 Selvedge chinos. They're wide up top and narrow to a slim fit.
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