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lThanks a lot
WhI tried to checkout but they didn't deduct 20% off..is there any discount code to be applied on?
I manage to fit in with thin sock..my toes are fine, only the narrow width make it a lil bit weird to tie the laces..probably to to stretch them first using shoe tree and mink oil..
Thanks for all feedbacks guys..please refer pictures for fit pics This is a normal brown leather, not cxl..stretcher and mink oil method look promising though..
Does anyone know how to stretch the width of white's sj boot? Current C width is too small for me..do these leather stretch upon wears or am i doomed?
Aww..too bad i placed an order already..
Nope they dont lower down value
Thanks..btw here's the fit pics..taken when still brand new though..
Viberg bobcat icy mocha cxl 2030 last
Oki ni dont mark down value..u'll be hit real bad
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