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Someone going to sample sale pls buy me any pair in size 9
How much is the international shipping cost?planning to get 2 pairs
I want cognac in US9
@genocideYeah should just sell for others to enjoy point going through all the pain even though you like it that can buy another pair from final round of sample sale soon
Not yet i suppose..btw viberg shipped via fedex now (last time shipping is cheaper but via canada post)..and they didn't respond to my mark down value request..finger crossed..
Bought 3 pairs from the sample sale so far..none of them is what i really want..i just stressed out and buy whatever left in my size..really good marketing strategy
I ordered a tundra oxfords from bakers and estimated lead time around 14~16 weeks
Thanks..copped a pair in green..
Too bad..hope white's dont become a new red wing..
lThanks a lot
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