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I was only able to snag a single pair... (I already had all the other available colors)
shoebank@allenedmonds.com   1-800-235-2348   :)
PSA: Allen Edmonds Outlets has the Broadstreet (various colors) on sale this weekend for $99.
Lucca on sale right now as well...   I picked up a pair along with some cordovans.
From the pic, it appears the right boot is slightly more forward than the left.
I saw Skytop's products a couple of weeks back (print add), and I would pull the trigger right now for the brief/laptop/iPad combo if it were not so damn expensive.   Looking forward to reading what you think.  
Hard for me to say, my eyes are still burning from the rest of the "outfit".  
I hit BB often with the right sales, and pick up the 1818 suits for under $500. A little nip / tuck here and there, and they fit.   Worth a look anyway.
Are you sure you have to have MTM? BB can be very competitive with the right sale.
I looked at CSS, and was not impressed.   The basic suit made from a wool/poly blend is $595, and the price goes up to $795 for anything remotely decent. Your measurements are sent to mill in China, and the final tailoring is done by Mario Bosco. Oh, and there is a 4-6 week wait.   Why go thru all that drama when you can get a MTM suit from Brooks Brothers made from better fabric, for less money.
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