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I will be visiting Savile Row this summer and would like to know if anyone can advise a good place to shop for buttons, chalk etc. I am also interested if anyone could recommend markets or antique shop were I can purchase tools of the trade.     Rudolf Popradi Bespoke Master Tailor Montreal, Canada 
There's a chill in the air and time to start thinking of ways to keep warm for the winter. Why not try a  Dormeuil cashmere and wool overcoat, designed by Rudolf Popradi, Bespoke Master Tailor serving clients in Canada and the USA.     
In this short video, I give a brief explanation on what goes into creating a true Bespoke overcoat from choosing the horn buttons to the intricate hand stitching. to contact me visit my website www.rudolfpopradi.com   
Really looking forward to hearing all about your experience with your first Bespoke experience and maybe if you could share some pictures with us. If you ever happen to pass through Montreal, Canada, I am a Master Bespoke Tailor living in Montreal. I work out of my home studio, which gives me great freedom. I don't have the reputation, yet,  like some of the older establishments in Saville Row, but I am one of the few Tailors who does everything myself . From the  pattern...
TRUE BESPOKE    The fall 2014 fabric collections have arrived! To all my New York , Toronto and Montreal clients I am currently taking new orders for Fall and Spring 2015.     Rudolf Popradi, Master Bespoke Tailor  www.rudolfpopradi.com       
Eastern Europeans including Russians master English tailoring. I have been out of Europe for many years so I can only speak for myself. I was trained in English tailoring. If you have a few minutes and would like to know more please check out my youtube videos.  In them I explain what I do and give examples of my work in progress. There is even one video that might make you laugh.  Just enter my name in youtube, Enjoy!!   
I am a tailor not a web designer. If you can do better give me a call.
I am a tailor not web designer. If you can do better give me a call.   LOL
Apology accepted : )  It takes a big man to apologize. Even though the title for this thread is called Bespoke Tailoring in Montreal, locating the best, I never claim  to be the best and in no way is my website.  My only claim is that I am a Bespoke Tailor working out of Montreal. The website can definitely use an upgrade with recent pictures maybe a few more bells and whistles but again it seems to be bringing in business.  Since you are interested in Bespoke tailoring,...
I absolutely agree with you that the term Bespoke is loosing it true essence. “Bespoke” which originated from Savile Row, London, the Golden mile of tailoring and has meant one thing since 1790 having a full floating canvas, basted fitting and detailed hand finishing. Only fully bespoke suits are created, with functioning handmade button holes, canvas and horsehair layering in the chest plate and no fusing or glue anywhere.  In June 2008, everything changed, the...
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