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New Gucci blanket. Comes with box Black and gray with thesignature GG Double G Guccissima print 70% Wool, 20% Nylon, 10% Cashmere Approx 72" x 58" $200 shipped CONUS, international buyers contact me for quote   New in box Gucci eyeglasses Black rectangular, shiny black plastic, model 1615 (check Google for more images) Comes with box, case, and microfiber cloth $150 shipped CONUS, international buyers contact me for quote
  What aggravation? It's not picking up anything and there is no process. It's just a reminder not to sell counterfeit goods, that's all it is. It's just like the Terms of Service on any website (SF included). 
I figured that it was a glitch. But I went in thinking if it gets cancelled it gets cancelled, no big deal. It was surprising to see that they wouldn't accommodate. They're usually very helpful.
It's nothing to worry about. That is their generic, blanket disclaimer that they put up on popular brand names. There's probably a disclaimer for pretty much all the categories. For toys the disclaimer is for recalled items, for electronic media it's for pirated material, etc. Absolutely no reason to worry.
Got a call from CT customer service...   They explained it was a system glitch and wouldn't honor the $119.10 price. They would do the 4 for $199, and still do a free shirt and tie. So the total would be $213.95 shipped. I just cancelled the order, price per shirt at that point is much higher than their clearance sales and other deals.
  I have found that going through the brick & mortar stores doesn't get you the best deals, and returns are stricter. I ordered a shirt online and wanted to exchange it for a different size at one of the NYC stores just for quickness. I couldn't do a simple swap because they said the online and in-store systems are separate. I would have to return it, my credit card would be refunded, and then buy the correct size. But there was a price difference so I would have lost a...
I just went through the motions again. Still works.   Make sure you're using the link that is currently in that spoiler above. It's one of those links that transforms into something else when you click on it. It should be then a slash then a code with numbers and all-caps letters.   If that still doesn't work try clearing out your browser's cookies and cache, and/or using an incognito browsing mode.
I would.   I don't consider their shirts the best in the world, but what they do have is outstanding customer service. And that makes me continue to buy from them.    I would go ahead and order the five before this glitch (if it is a glitch) gets fixed. You can call and cancel your previous order if it hasn't yet shipped (if it was two days ago maybe it hasn't) or just have them ship both orders to you. All of their orders come with a free shipping label for a return, so...
  No problem, I figured at least a few people here might find it useful.   I don't think it's a "discount" as much as it is a website glitch. I think it's charging the number for GBP but in USD. I wonder how long it will take them to correct it. I just placed another order two minutes ago and it still works. I figure for $20, I can gift these out to friends.
I edited the link. Just ran through it again, and it still works.
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