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i'd like to see men's jeans with "whiskers" on the hips/crotch disappear entirely. since when are men supposed to dress like 16 year old girls?
Steve: I head up to LA at least once a month for varying reasons, so I'm definitely open to suggestions just about anywhere in that area. Thanks very much for the information thus far.
I purchased my messenger bag from Wilsons Leather.. many of their models are under $200 and hold up pretty well to abuse (I used mine through college and it's still together, anyways). Just be sure to treat it correctly, you don't want that leather cracking or drying out if it's going to be out in the sun a lot (as mine was, due to being carried around campus all day).
that's actually a casual look i do a lot, and i would roll the sleeves up maybe 2/3 up the forearm (not above the elbow), leave the shirt untucked, and open up the second button if you've been doing bench presses.. heh. to me, rolling the sleeves up above the elbow seems hyper-trendy, and that's just a pet peeve of mine, hence the preference.
Whoops.. I'm in San Diego 'round the La Jolla area, if that helps at all.
regarding dress shirts... are there any brands sold in the US that fit in the European style? i'm a pretty thin guy myself (6'1", 160lb or so) and don't particularly enjoy going for a swim inside my dress shirts... where might i pick up a decently fitting shirt?
Thanks for the tips. davei: yeah, i'm trying to stick with something rugged that has a bit of "edge" to it... those Blundstone ones look nice, i'll have a closer look at them for sure.
A little background:  I'm 22, recent college grad, and in reasonably good shape. I work in a very relaxed setting (academic research center), so most of my colleagues are of the sneakers, jeans and t-shirt mentality.  I'm drawn to go a step above, but not be out of place, so my daily wardrobe usually tends to be a dress shirt, jeans, and what I hope are some decent looking boots. Which leads me to my question:  I'd like some input on the boots I'm currently wearing,...
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