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The black suit, white shirt, silver tie combo is what I wore to a wedding where the groom wore a white tie and the groomsmen wore black ties just a few months ago... I felt it worked very well (would have worked even better if I could have managed not to spill something on the tie).
So I've heard from different sources that all of the below are the "best" way to store a tie: -Hanging vertically -Gently folded (not creased) in half and then half again -Rolled tightly What are the thoughts of the board members on the best way to store a tie? I'm not exactly swimming in cash so I'd like to make sure mine remain in good condition as long as possible.
I wear a pair of these that I like a lot: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/clogscen...16390-001.html And a pair of these in brown (shown in black, which i don't like): http://www.simpleshoes.com/Apparel_D..._id=4&sku=2669 And then there's the beat to hell hiking boots that I wear more often than not. Fascinatingly unfashionable, but comfortable to say the least.
I have an interview in a week and a half or so for an entry-level management/senior level IT position with the Libraries department at a University of California campus. I'm a little bit at a loss for what to wear to it.. a suit seems much too formal for a UC job at that level, but I don't want to don the typical blue dress shirt/tan khaki uniform of the IT professional... thoughts?
Vero:  You realize that by following that line of reasoning, drug dealers and the foreign cartels that supply them would not be considered immoral simply because there is demand among the American population for drugs.  Are you comfortable with that?  Does demand from the public justify any immoral or unethical behavior on the part of the supplier? What if in addition to all the currently unethical things that oil companies do, they had to occasionally kidnap someone's...
So I'm thinking of picking up some drawstring linen pants for casual days (both socially and at work)... I know I could wear some simple leather sandals with them... but does anyone have advice as to what sort of shoes I should match them with if sandals aren't appropriate? FYI the pants are something like these: http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse....splay=2 Advice is, as always, greatly appreciated.
What sort of "image" do you think a windsor vs a half windsor vs a four-in-hand conveys to people?
what's the URL for Jantzen?
What material is the shirt made of?
I have a pair of Silvertabs with a gold/vintage wash to them, and they've held their color pretty well over the past year or so. I also have a pair of J Crew jeans with a vintage wash but I don't like the fit as much, so I haven't worn/washed them enough to comment thus far.
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