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I believe there's an H&M in Philly. They have slim fit dress shirts for cheap.
Those would be far more appealing with either the elastic or the harness but not both.
Hey, this guy did it, and he's got Monica Bellucci:
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Stone IPA One of my favorite breweries. More great ones from them: Arrogant Bastard Stone Ruination IPA Stone Imperial Russion Stout
I am 6'1" - was 155 lb, now 190 lb. Put on a lot of muscle using only the following equipment: Pair of adjustable dumbbells (currently maxed at 80lb each) Pullup bar Exercise ball That's it. No gym. If you are a skinny guy, even working up to doing a 160lb squat or bench with dumbbells is a serious effort and will get you decent results as long as you are eating a bunch of protein-rich foods (usually where skinny guys fail in their muscle-gaining efforts) and...
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe You'll probably ruin your door and have to pay a good chunk of money getting the door fixed if you use the bar regularly. At least, you'll gouge pressure marks into the top of the door and pay for that, this will be expensive by the time your year's up, and you already mentioned you don't have much of a budget. FYI I got around this by wrapping a couple of old socks around the parts of the pullup bar that rest...
If you reasonably believe it's actually a thief... clothesline that fucker.
Quote: Originally Posted by maxnharry As mentioned earlier, if you are doing it primarily to enhance your own knowledge as an entrepreneur, the issuing brand matters less. Others may disagree with me, but if you are or want to be an entrepreneur, buy some books and spend the rest of your time/money starting the business instead, unless you are either incapable of learning without a classroom or are in dire need of the network an MBA will give...
University of Southern California MBA here. No regrets. Costs a ton of money but it's connected me to people and opportunities that I would have had a hard time connecting with otherwise. USC isn't top ranked in the Stanford/Harvard/Wharton sense but the network is unbelievable, especially in So Cal and many parts of Asia.
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