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For sale - Tumi Wheeled Carry-On Garment Bag from the "Generation 4" collection (nearly identical to the current "Alpha" collection). Model number 22033DH. This item is brand new with tags, never used. Perfect for business trips when you need to carry a few suits/dresses/shirts and don't want any wrinkles - just hang your items on the universal hanger bracket, fold, zip and go. This classic wheeled carry-on garment bag meets all airline carry-on size requirements....
Anyone heard of/used these guys? http://www.ambespoke.com Urbandaddy is offering a fully canvassed suit and a couple of shirts through them. Price seems too good to be true ($750).
This is kindof a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone here might know where I can find a very specific end table. I had seen it before in a catalog from the company Napa Style (http://www.napastyle.com) and I think once or twice in a SkyMall catalog on United Airlines - neither have it anymore and they aren't very forthcoming with information about the manufacturer. The table had 3 metal legs which connected to a stand that was on a large gear with a handle - you...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopamine It can be done. It's worth noting that the sequel to that movie features the following line spoken about Brad Pitt's character: Quote: And tell him he dresses like a gigolo!
Having had experience with hundreds of laptops during my past career in IT management, I would strongly suggest against getting a Sony Vaio. You'll find individuals who have had great experiences with them, but overall I've found them to be lacking in reliability (some are great, many are flawed). The headache was so great that we banned them from being purchased across the entire organization. I've had the best luck with IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads. We were originally an...
When did you take them out, and are they federal or private? Most recently distributed federal loans use weighted-average interest rates which basically means there is no advantage from an interest rate perspective.
Quote: Originally Posted by aging in rhythm I promise that I won't have the balls to wear a speedo to the beach. FTFY.
I tend to stick to clear liquor if I drink before dinner - usually a vodka martini.
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