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oh mah gerrd.
hopefully DM7's latest will mark our 50k poast!   until then ... here are my meddling finds :D   a beautifully framed 32"x45" Pates Baroni print.  Thought it were cool.   My first in the wild Oxxford Clothes - Gray Sportcoat - 48L - Available sweet 'XX' buttons, center vent, pick stitching     [[SPOILER]]     Hickey Freeman Ltd Camel Wool Blazer - 48L - Available [[SPOILER]]     Hickey Freeman Collection Pinstripe Suit - 42L 34x32 pants Center Vent, Pleated, Cuffed ...
the use of the word integer threw me off in his original post.  either way it's  and at least 10 times more than I will make this month >,<     can anyone link me the 'label thread' im having a blonde moment.
LolAnd how many digits did that valuation have. Makes my quick lunch time tour a bore :/
Is it a duffel? I have laptop and briefcase been looking for duffel for awhile.
i'd wear them if they were 11.5:D
Did a quick trip today after a so-so round of golf >,< nothing really that noteworthy - but as it is a quiet saturday night i'll quench my desire to poast.   Brooks Brothers Brown POW Jacket - 43R     [[SPOILER]]   Hugo Boss Tweed Blazer (Swiss Made)       [[SPOILER]] Burberry's DB Peak Lapel Blazer(?) Dual Vented and Excellent Condition so I grabbed it     [[SPOILER]]   And then what I think to be a current Hugo Boss Black Blazer (Linen, Cotton, Poly Blend) 42L...
wes - that J crew blackwatch ....
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