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jumped into a Marshalls tonight to grab a few bits on a biznass trip.   ended up walking out with   Sick Tumi Car Coat   RLPL Keyhole Sunglasses (330 you have found these before, right) PRL Navy Suede Chukka's   Left behind lots of high retail SW&D Dolce & Gabanna Shirts Versace Collection Shirts Nudie Jeans RLBL Shirts + Sweaters 3 PRL Tweed Jackets with all the...
Im in if acosby isn't
About a 34/34 and available... although I'm warning you Pretty awesome Alan Paine lambswool sweater, size 44. Available. That's awesome
Popped mah Ben Silver Cherry       J Press (Nautical?) Emblematic Tie     Allen Edmonds Joplin 12D     Not pictured: 2 x Pristine Vintage Brooks Brothers (1 Brooksease 1 Makers) suits 1 x Aquascutum Khaki/Cream color Suit 1 x PRL Navy Patch Pocket Blazer (sexy) 1 x Light Grey Herringbone Harris Tweed Blazer 1 x Vintage Brooks Brothers Brooksease Navy Blazer   How's the fit on the suit? It's straight of the peg and 20...
Oh my gerd. What's "reasonable" for these? Totes interested.
Amodex. It works best if garment has not been washed/dryed or dampened prior to use.
Watching. Good luck boys!!
da fug? that pattern is gorgeous. send to me if 15.5/16 x 35
lol @ 50k   and holy feck at DM7 .... cant wait to read that article. how the hell he does it: DM7 the memoir
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