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So... What's the deal with this "Shop Airlines America" username ... Has a SHIT load of positive feedback ... Instant payment for that Tumi jacket. $297 but seems sketchy as fuck. ... Patiently waits for brianpore to link me to eBay thread
Nicely done!42r and we have a trade to discuss! Hahaha
36's you say? I don't even have any good belts !!
you just blew my pretty mind to fucking Austria, Spoo. guddamn.   HansderHund .... can you send it back to me please :D     LOLZZZ - I JUST SHOWED MY WIFE 'The Belts' and she said .... who was it this time .. DarkMatter, The Cap'n, or that 'Pokerguy'     amazeballs is RIGHT
Gorgeous Brooks Brothers Pea Coat for sale Tagged Medium   I feel that it runs a bit larger than a medium but with a suit and/or sweater on underneath it probably is closer to a medium. see measurements.   Detailed information can be found here:,default,pd.html?dwvar_783N_Color=NAVY&contentpos=32   Retails for $698 - Get it here for over 50% of that before the winter season...
oh mah gerd.
if they are 35x31/32 yes. ill deposit $$ immediately :D
pics or it didnt happen, right?   Teh Tumi     BB Golden Fleece - 39r         PRL Blazer - Thing is the tits - and heavy as hellllll - (Grendel Size)         MMMM Brooks Brothers Peacoat         Bizz tie  
Had a decent day today   awesomely sexy hand work every where BB Older Brooks Bro Golden Fleece Bizzocchi Tie Made in Italy BR (eBay Fodder) Gorgeous Paul Stewart Grey with Blue windowpane SC Brooks Brothers Double Breasted Stanton Coat NWOT (Still basted) This on -->,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00143_Color=DKBL&contentpos=52   saw this and fainted .. [[SPOILER]]     This didnt have any tags but was made in...
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