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Nice canali tie ..
Skiing Vermont is a green light. Just booked a lodge in Stowe. Iove the 1818 madison so the cost might be OK. Spoo, That suit is indelible. That is all, Sam Ps church's monks are badassssss, Wes!
Wow. In the 10 months I've been here this is the best the thread has felt. There was a few months Where I was worried. But whoa I think we are really getting to a place of tight community and fellowship. I'm drunk as fuck - did another triathlon today ... In the ocean that was fun but an 8k run was kinda wild. My bike was more boss than that blue/green windowpane suit that spoo posted 6 weeks ago. I haven't drank in 2 weeks but I made up for that sobriety by downing...
well .. when I have a question for the interwebs I turn to my thrift thread community ... no matter the subject matter.   Today's question: Has anyone ever ski'd at Stowe, Vermont? If so, any lodging suggestions?   Thanks Guys
Found some Rag and Bone yesterday.  Ridiculous retail but a pretty awesome piece. Tagged 'M' ... I'll keep a look out for this hitting the clearance rack!
[quote name="ATLjon" url="/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/51990_30#po st_5864170"]Coach belt, black, 38 Trafalgar belt, brown, 36 Sea Island Cotton, so I assume they're good to go. Tagged 16 R. [/quote] Why don't you go ahead and ship those a few hours north
42r? Get at me.Found 4 NWT true religion jeans today at TJ MAXX. Retail $297 Jeno pony express slim cut. Passed on them because they were tagged at $120. What do you think the sweet spot is for turning these around on the 'bay. I didn't take down sizes because I wasn't sure TR does it for anyone here. If you're interested I can get a proxy ASAP.
PM'd Re: 42R trades
yea - against their T&C's.  I mean it saves some fees but you lose all protection.  Just don't make a habit of it ... it'll get ya in the long run!
Good enough for me. Thanks!!
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