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its a tight 44L, right? like a 43 fitting? with 35/36 waist!?!
oh shit! you put that LB 42L up for bid.current high bidder  
Here pnut.
JPMorris.    that would make a great month in my book ..... whoa. 
Would fit me perfectly
yeah ... TH and BR tend to be a solid 60$ profit item :D
A few things today.  Have not been able to get out regularly this week at all which is making a few trades very difficult.  Shout out to ilikethelights for a great suit.    do you guys grab Jack Victor? found a couple of SC today that seemed to be recent (2b, Dual Vent) in linen/wool/cotton blends.. I got rushed tonight and left a Burberry London Suit (Grey with blue windowpane, 2b, dual vent) gorgeous.  jacket was slightly large on me otherwise I would of grabbed it. ...
da fuq? 42R = XL >,<   what colors is that?
go4it.   that glencheck suit with purple overlay is the exact thing I was searching for this summer
Guess he means that they are in "as-found" condition. Pre cleaning type of leets.
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