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are you planning on matching the Navy colors? will that be difficult depnding on gloss/color/thread?   i was planning on having my groomsmen in darker grey, but not charcoal, and me being in a lighter grey suit.  that way im a bit distinguished from them and keep the synergy of bride in light compared with bridesmaids.  havent seen it in any publications so it might be a faux pas and not work as I am envisioning it.    I am also an architect. well in IDP at the...
by the way .. I am also an architect and on this site to find the perfect attire for my wedding as well as a redesign of my daily attire and outlook on style! ... oh the synergy.
got a question for Thread Starter -   you're wearing a Navy BB suit - assuming your groomsmen are not wearing the same suits? what are they wearing?   I ask because I am in the same situation - I am getting married July 14th in Asheville, NC and want to know if i can wear a suit and have them wear something different?
New Posts  All Forums: