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damn - the middle right ones were calling out to me.... among others! someone jumped on that quickly then.    
so I don't read the thread last night and this is what happens :X just so happens im a 36x32. YES PLEASE ......reading past few pages to see if they are still avail...    
  is this available?  
nice lunch break. any pics of inside of briefcase :D    
I understand that this thread is supposed to be about bragging, which is technically what I thought I was doing. Of course I knew that my 'finds' were less than desirable which is why I left them on the rack. Admittedly, I didnt take the 20 seconds to google the fact that LPL Green Label is the basement of the basement in the 'House of Ralph Lauren Polo' and for that I apologize.  I eagerly wanted to dive into this thread and become a staple member as I find myself doing...
haha thank god i left all this there then. i knew risked public humiliation for my first post on here.  what about that armani?    
A quick visit to the local today yielded some interesting pieces.  But first off - I have a pair of J Crew Aldridge Pant that did not fit me.  They are 36 waist and about 29"-30" i can confirm these if there is any interest.  They are navy and brand new (minus me trying them on) [[SPOILER]]   Very nice 42R Giorgio Armani - Le Collezioni made in Italy Sportcoat. Looks stunning - nice grey 100% wool [[SPOILER]]     Awesome tie that I know nothing about. This is probably...
this is also the exact thing that I am lurking for.  given your stature and tenure on SF I will assume the back-seat role on this one :). look forward to seeing what you come up with, however.
great work. makes me want to start a few projects like that!  
hahaha. yea I designed our Save the Dates and have had my voice (strong opinion) heard in just about every aspect of the wedding haha.  my fiance was planning on buying some standard magnets for Save the Dates and I was like WHOA WHOA WHOA we ARE NOT sending those out.   I am really undecided about the light grey as well.  especially since my best friend is getting married in 2 months and we are wearing the Men's Warhouse grey suits. our bridesmaids have this...
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