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Thank you for the thorough reply.   I didn't mean to imply that I was was in any way going to force my groomsmen into renting tuxedos.  Actually, quite the opposite would hold true.  I would much rather them buy a suit or tuxedo and have it tailored to meet their shape.  I have one groomsmen who is 6'6" one who is 6'4" one who is 5'8" and 215lbs among others so the size varies quite alot.  Up until now I havent given any thought to the notion that I might ask them to buy...
Hey SF,   Thanks for putting up with another wedding thread ... I will try to make this one as concise and specific as possible.   Context: The wedding is July 14, 2012 at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.  The ceremony will be considered semi-formal for today's standards, ie. longer than a 15 minute service, church ceremony.  I will marry my beautiful bride at a very old Episcopal church just outside of Asheville, NC.  There will be a cocktail hour immediately...
    A few things from last week: Pendleton Navy Blazer - I picked this up in a hurry thinking so I am not sure if it was the right thing.  Probably between Brianpore and Grendel size Lanvin (paris/ny) Recent Feather Suede Blue Blazer with marble-like buttons Cole Haan leather belt   and this ... which I am doubtful of its authenticity.   
finally someone finds some 11.5D. PM Sent  
at first I thought we just had a legitimate peek inside of Mr. Spoo's closet.   HMMMM..... would the shepherd's check be fit for a groom on his wedding day? or should I just do bowtie? (July wedding btw) yes, yes and yes.  but they aren't at a GW/SA etc.  they are at a place that stocks solely these kind of shirts / paraphenalia.  happy to visit and post an iPhone tour a la Spoostyle, if you want.    
damn! when I came across this lot I thought this was about a 1/4 of the rack - there were some nice pieces and some very awful ones.  Most about 20$ a go though :/.  If anyone sees a particular pattern they like I can get measurements                 Also (I know nothing about Member's Only) came across ~30 members only jackets in every colour possible.  They dont have much flip value but if someone is looking for this particular jacket, I'm your...
Thanks all.        
also just had someone ask if I could ship a pair of Alden's to Japan.  He seems to have a very reliable history and (+) feedback though ~500.  How much is shipping to Japan? :O
yea - i'm also new to the eBay game so I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.  he has paid so I have no choice but to ship out today.  I expect to get screwed on this one though. I read it very early this morning was wtf'd    
while I have the attention of wes and some other eBay'ers   what do you think of this message from someone with 4 feedback overall. all positive, mind you     MESSAGE: Please excuse my delinquency in this transaction, I've been in a treatment facility this week with limited access to my mobile. Again, my apologies.
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