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  these are nice.
wait a minute. maybe i skipped reading that part.   cheers, Xenos.  quick and dirty for the RLBL
what can I buy and get shipped to your door?
lol. im sure he is very pleased.  you and your omnipresent pre-DIBS!!!
  jcubbz that suit isn't a Hickey Freeman and Sons.  H. Freeman is a different maker than Hickey Freeman.  Only reason I know is because I posted the exact same ~6 months ago.  Anyway, nice finds!
  grendel are we going to arm wrestle for this?
question for the secret Santa peoples.  would you be mildly disappointed if you received an awesome spring type jacket? I found a great silk/linen unstructured jacket in a most wonderful spring pattern. hesitant to gift it to someone who might be expecting winter wares? anyone?
go to michigan for architecture.   on a good day 15.5 more like 15.75/16. but the shirt sounded nice. and i like the x-slim.   signature edited ... you sly bastards 
send it to me.   anyone want a pair of Lands End cords? Brown 34w30l? tailored fit.
dan, xenos. killin' it everytime.  interested in some of those shirts!
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