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Flying out this morning. Stopped by a regular success spot Yielded: Ricci tie Etro tie Repo striped tie (n/a) 44L Pendleton navy wool blazer patch pockets awesomeness. Super warm 40R Royal classic Tom James h&s cloth. Every single bell and whistle. Side vents, working cuffs, hot pink lining, pick stitching, flat front, ticket pocket .... Everything man dreams of. Hugo boss shirt (n/a) Vineyard vines shirt BB skinny brown cords (n/a) Pics to follow! This is the Lanvin I'm looking for, right? Vintage perfume. Spoo, pick up or leave behind? Thought it was cool and different either way worth the poast Hmm. Try that again This is the Lanvin I'm looking for, right? Vintage perfume. Spoo, pick up or leave behind?
A few shirts for me.     [[SPOILER]]   Southwick Blazer Olive Herringbone   [[SPOILER]] Zanella 'Bennett' 37x31.5 PRISTINE     [[SPOILER]]   A few things I dont normally spring for ... did i make a mistake guys? CC Filson (40w) + Woolrich (2XL)     [[SPOILER]]   Awesome Brooks Brothers Sweater - Size L     [[SPOILER]]     Thomas Pink Slim Fit 15"   [[SPOILER]] Recent Oxxford Navy Blazer (2002)   [[SPOILER]] B&W Brooks Brothers Houndstooth Blazer - 39R   ...
needs new light fixtures before i'll go that far.  :). 
those floors look great, wes.  how do you feel about that paint color? my wife and I wanted to do something similar to that color.
Hopefully not the grey suede bucks ....
beautiful cords.  love the jacket/sweater/cord/shoes.  not a fan of the bold blue shirt.
you'll be fine sending this to the 'bay.    HF made G&H licensed stuff flips rather well as long as your expectations are tempered. that is to say, that it flips. if it flips it flips? no?   i'd pick that suit of the rack and say to myself "oh! hello there! you just put 2 to 3 jacksons in my pocket mr G&H".  It's no home run, but you cant win a triple crown without a few doubles.
I had to deal with a similar situation last week.  buyer finally paid after 3 weeks of patiently waiting for her 'son-in-law' to approve her purchase etc.
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