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Got a few quick games for a friday night on the threak:     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Audiophiles: Fisher Studio Standard stack? I'm looking at 4 decks / mixers and two 3' tall floor speakers. Are these good quality? Nvm. Plasticky up close. Fom far looked like they might work for me
      granted I'm late to the game and a bit tipsy. but wtf happened there. weird
http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+do+you+spell+Dolce+%26+Gabbana   quit the troll.   Quote:
+1. Im in real need of 2 new pairs of denim.
    be that a suit or orphan? ive started a nice little 1818 suit collection and that would fit nicely in the middle of it :D   Finds:   Burberry Black Label - like a weird rain coat blazer with tiny peak lapels. nova check on inside .. working cuffs     40R J Press Tuxedo ... not sure what type of jacket to call this ... inform meh       Makintosh Rain Jacket .. whats the deal with these   '   Not Pictured: First Robert Graham ... 2XL Purple Stripes with Flowers...
no exciting stories like last night to share.    but out of curiousity: how do you heavy hitters (brian, cap, the like) keep track of inventory, sales, profits, targets etc.    I built a very rudimentary excel file at the beginning of my thrifting tendencies that I have since outgrown and after my wedding I would like to build something that gives daily, weekly, monthly information.    please note that I am not asking for your spreadsheet template although...
Nope. Last night we went out for my birthday dinner. While waiting for a table we were sitting at the bar and Ric comes up and asks if I'd do an errand for him. He been had a few glasses of wine So Obvioulsy I couldn't say anything other than "hell yea, anything for Ric flair" and then he threw me the keys to that machine and sent me on my way
How the hell do you get buyers to pay 165$ for a HB suit!!
cool. it was in between those two figures but i left it on the rack because tomorrow is 50% off day, apparently. It was made in romania ... ? is this a diffusion line its not the standard black label with white lettering.    also ... random celebrity story of the day ...     while waiting to be seated for dinner last night Ric Flair ... yes Nature Boy Ric Flair approaches me and asks if I would drive his supercharged camaro SS up to the gas station to grab some Skoal...
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