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Ha! I'd been leavin that on the racks there for several weeks. Originally priced $199 or something. I posted its deets weeks ago to no response so I left it. Did you manage to get it for ~50?That's the store with the 250$ Brooks Bros 346 Suits!In other news: Wes, I'm having a blast!!Got this sweet rooftop penthouse with some thriftiness profits!Edit: Who knows how to post pics on iPad?
Hope I'm not too late. PM'd
I'll play :D   3$ NIB Bass Suede Oxfords 6$ J Crew Socks (im a whore for jcrew )    
  dont worry about the tailor. just send to meh
D'oh. Guess this is what I get for quietly myself everytime you guys have issues with the 'bay buyers.  This is my first return - oh well.       If you held them in your own hands you could not possibly describe them as you did. I as all ebayer's want the item as described. Please refund my money asap which I expect to include shipping. David   - fraz32
This is nice.  I've been thinking about doing this exact same thing.
Thanks! Corrected.   It's really cool all of the knowledge that is exchanged on this thread.
Ran over to meet some friends for the Euro final had a chance to jump into a Gwill.  All of the following are available:     VTG 38r(ish) H. Freeman & Sons Blazer   [[SPOILER]]   J. Crew 44R Searsucker Jacket Single Vent 3r2 [[SPOILER]]   Brioni L/S Sport Shirt (first Brioni in the wild!)     7.75 Neck Across 23.5 Chest Across 24.5 Sleeve
I think everyone who has had at least 6 alcoholic beverages this evening needs to pound a Brooklyn summer ale. What a beer!
  ill be dammned. of course that PRL staple couldnt find its way to my GW
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