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weird how the thrifting gods work.  troika hits me up with the Selvedge Guide For Dummies and BAM! ..... or at least I think.   Levi 502 NWT (32x32) - So many labels I dont even know where to begin...               Picked up this side vented perfect fitting suit.          Then will all EazyE's hysteria I had to snag this.. Anyone have any information on maker? It's nice.   EDIT: Oh yea ... its a heavy ass overcoat....
[[SPOILER]] Good god typhoid. I didn't think you'd be trying to re-sell that j press tuxedo so soon or for 5 fold your money ....Good luck and If you do I hope to see a cut
  speaking of.... he would probably want to wear this around the 'shack' :D   Gianni Versace 'Couture'     wool suit - wide lapels + pleats + price tag = no pick up. interesting piece though.   sweet medusas all over the lining.
currently my marshalls has corneliani shirts for 80$, D&G wool sport coat for 250$ (Retail $1250), RG ties ('bay) for 25$ and versace collection shirts for 80$.   rarely do they have nice ties :/
Pal Zileri question:   A pretty nice made in italy Loro Piana Tasmanian 100% wool number.  It was unvented and had a hole the size of a pea at the bottom hem (right at the bottom of the jacket). I can just get the hem lifted a 1/4" and the hole would dissapear, right?  50R(EU) so I was originally thinking Grendel but then I put it on and it felt great.    Couple questions: Can i turn this into a 3r2? Not such a fan of 3 button. Is this the good PZ? Sorry for...
      let me deposit some money into your account so you can hit those stores tomorrow :D
or if it says vivalo, nagasawa, georama, panasonic, makino, or watanabe buy it and send it to me.
anyone ever find triathlon wetsuit at a thrift? size L? get @ me.    going out to some spots today for the first time in weeks ... cant wait.
Whoa. 1000+ posts while on vacation - feel like a newbie again having to read so much. Awesome finds by most! Any chance you can proxy some of those pocket squares on your return trip? Wedding day thrift fit to follow but for now! Us leaving the reception on our tandem. Hugo Boss Shawl Collar Tux (Self Thrifted) Marshalls CM Bow Tie Church's from EazyE BB Tux Shirt Cuffs + Studs from the Cap'n!       Edited with photo
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