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Another pretty good day so far.   5NWT BB Makers Ties @ $2.50 a piece Awesome Giorgio Armani Le Collezione Jacket G&H Saville Row Suit (Brown w/ blue windowpane) (Hickey Freeman Sorts)   Hitting two moar stores ... pics to follow tonight.
what up, fellers.   ugly E Zegna Tie   J Crew Blazer Patch Pockets   Willis & Gieger (first in the wild) Oxford       Hickey Freeman suit from late 80's (not a single blemish or signs of wear anywhere)   SPOO! Can you post a fit pic of how to rock a grey chalkstripe suit? This thing is a keeper for me.     BB Makers Glenplaid Tie   4 Cotton Pocket Squares   3 Zanella's 2xPlatinum Pleats 1x Loro Piana...
    i searched high and low for the pants to both jackets -- to no avail.  so I convinced myself that they were SC's and picked em up ^_^
up until yesterday the LVC selvedge was my best find.  then this happened ....   NWT PRL by Corneliani (?) Blazer - 40R   [[SPOILER]]     also grabbed another EZ .. i think this one may be a bit older   E Zegna SC (orphan?) - 54R EU   [[SPOILER]]   and two director style chairs for my wife's classroom. so
real. and recent. (less than 6 years)   but i'm not a reliable source
29.99 bones for that. WHOA.   cant wait to watch that one fly high on the 'bay.    
ummmm yes.   pink is the tits.
Cool. Local to us charlotte boys then! And yeah, i just found the made in turkey tag! Thanks!!   these are the exact pair i believe.  amongst those labels was a giant Mr. Porter label.  
god. tell me about it.  I have been resisting splashing 250$ out on a pair of selvedge.  what's worse is that I found them in the 35waist section >,<.  They have a huge material tag with a shit ton of japanese writing.  Im guessing japanese made?
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