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hmmm. I hate being rushed.     ~44R Awesome Pattern Tom James SC (pretty cool details so I picked up thinking someone on here would want)   [[SPOILER]] Polka Dot BB Makers + (Fake?) Ugly Boss         Ugh.... picked up HSM Gold Trumpeter ... idk 48XL.... :facepalm:  
don't think so.  There was some question of this label several weeks ago - it's the predecessor to the Purple Label.  I can't speak to similarity in terms of quality
All good. Rock this with some indigo jeans, white shirt, walnut shoes? Or some cords ?
  nice one, then. Thanks!   Thanks for suggestion Eazy - I'll see if I can track some down
scholars - figured someone here might be able to help me on this quest.   I have been eye ballin' this awesome BB jacket for some time now waiting for the overprice store to slash the price tag.  well, they finally did but the pants were no where to be found.  The jacket fit me perfectly and had ticket-pocket + surgeons cuffs (two things that i was really ISO). So now I need to figure out how to track down the correct color and fabric pants to re-unite with this orphan....
These pre-shrunk TTS (true-to-size) Levi Vintage Clothing Selvedge Jeans are from Mr Porter and have never been worn.  The jeans can be found on their store selling for $250. Found Here:   From Mr. Porter: Slim-fit jeans form the backbone of any stylish man's wardrobe, and this pair of reproduced 1967 505's from Levi's Vintage Clothing brings the classic design straight back to life. Lightly worn and washed, this style has...
Deetz plz
Speaking of markthomas -- just landed a sweet pair of AE bel airs in walnut. Thanks
What say y'all about olive / army green knit ties. I've got one with a pointed end that I'm thinking I need to unleash.
[[SPOILER]] Good god that RLPL tie
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