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I'd imagine each pair going for 150-200$ with some tripping that figure.Shout out to Grendel. Got the hook up with some wooly ties today!!
Hickey Freeman Suit - 46XL     PRL Corneliani SC      
[[SPOILER]]     holy shit Nat.  face blown @ that haul.
felt like sechs
  Is this a good Lanvin? Assuming not but it felt nice :D       Anyone needs a Southwick Tuxedo? 1 B Notch Lapel - it was 50 bones so i balked.  I'm sure I should of bought it, though
Yarrrr. Samuel smith be not passing on that one. Nor the TA tie.
Want. 43r?42r?44r?
Hmmmmmicant get shot of my navy feather suede. For like 9.99$
please tell me there are some staple suits in there @ 42/43 range.  IE NAVY ><
attention cart kickers everywhere! I got one back for us today :).  funny how things work .. i had to go home to help a friend with a dead battery.  decided to pop into a store that rarely has anything of note.  when it does they are nice however so I still include it in my route.   anywho picked this awesome, unstructured PRL Corneliani Number.  44R, Dual Vent, 3r2, Silk/Wool/Flax Thread           and wouldnt you know it right after I pick...
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