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of course they do.  just look at those beauties.     GET @ MEH MEXI.   I left some black Mezlan oxfords behind.  they didnt seem like anything special.  bad move?
[[SPOILER]] what is it, Dig?   Pics of my recent finds   Vineyard Vines Button   Hugo Boss Slim Fit   Unmarked, Etro, Ricci   [[SPOILER]] Magnanni Loafers - 9.5M   [[SPOILER]] Sick Pendleton Blazer - Flannel Wool Navy, Metal Buttons, Red Lining :D   [[SPOILER]] Tom James Royal Classic w/ Holland & Sherry Cloth Flat Front, Ticket Pckt, Dual Vent, Working Cuff, Hot Pink Lining ... everything a man looks for in a suit..     [[SPOILER]]   Random...
it kind of looks like cantarelli to me.  the layout is a bit different though. i think it's safe to say you need to grab w/e that label is attached to!   Edit: just found cantarelli @ the label thread.  
Does anyone have any advice for a bulk photo editing software.  I shoot with an iPhone 4S using the Camera+ app.  The picture quality is good, IMO, but, when I hit the 'enhance' feature it makes it infinitely better.  It's a pain having to do this for each single picture.  Is there a bulk app that I can use?
Nat, Was just reading a review of the frost river. Love that waxed cotton ruggedness. Cheers for that! Lovin the flight bag.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a leather/canvas weekender duffle?
Nice. Thanks. I need a PS. and also wtf is up with that collar curl at the tip. I was using RLBL stays. ... Those shits weak.
Thrift fit [[SPOILER]] BB 1818 suit from ilikethelightsCT shirt thrifted by meBB Makers tieChurch's monkstraps from the cap'nPicked these up. YummyHUGE shout out to my man, XENOS fantastic shirts.I owe several people PM's, they are forth coming. Oh, and, pics of my decent haul from yesterday.
Hands off that CB. Especially if its flannel-like. Hehe:)
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