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anyone haz a toggle duffel coat or something similar in Small?
Let's grab the popcorn, gents. Props on the large flat rates BRAH.
indeed :). Should do nicely one summer night with a pair of shorts or something equally obscene.    it'll take me a while gather fit pics with all these ties. ... that RLBL knit with a navy suit though .... mmm
or rent out one of the barns?     HOLY SHIT. WHO HAS A P.O. BOX FROM RANCHO SANTA FE I JUST GOT BAMBOOZLED WHEN I OPENED MY SECRET SANTA PACKAGE AND 12 TIES, 2 POCKET SQUARES, 2 SHIRTS DROPPED OUT. WHOA.       NWT Hickey Freeman x 2, Paul Frederick Sartiorale (7-Fold, My First), BB Makers NWT, Nat Nast, Zegna, Lands End knit, BB Makers Olive Knit, Black (or navy?) Knit, RLBL Pink Knit, Tango by Max Raab       Paul Smilth, Facconable, RT PS, Unbranded pocket square...
wow. that was a busy end of november and into december.  i'm sure I owe many of you PM's.  forthcoming.   Shout out to: SeaJen, DustinMyself, Grendel, GreenMachine hope im not forgetting anyone.   Ian ...   for now:   2 Peter Blair ties thought they were cool (Coi Cod + Fox)   [[SPOILER]]   2 Ermenengildo Zenga Suits (1 Mil Mil 1 Soft) Dat grey w/ tight blue over check is teh sechs.     [[SPOILER]] 2 Burberry London Ties (IMHO the navy is one of the nicest mid-tier...
to all parties I owe goods: I suck. you will receive your parcels shortly. thx
I'm voting for: that's the god damned coolest sweater I've ever seen.Except for the fact that it isn't. But that's besides the point.Enjoy your turkey today boys. An go COWBOYS!!!
Cap, I use to live one block away from tottenham court road. That's pretty cool, mate!!
That's not the first time he's tried that tactic. Lol:D:satisfied:
Spoo, By your voluntarily avoidance of my Shoe post , are you saying: Not nice Nice but not spoo nice Spoo nice bit they will fetch 100 times that on eBay
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