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Came up on this leather jacket couple days ago for 50 bucks.  Not too shabby!!
Snagged this leather jacket at a thrift store the other day for 60 bucks.  The jacket is true vintage and heavy as hell.  It had those cowboy fringes on the back and arms and I got them removed today.  The jacket fits me like a motha fuccen glove.  Not everyday I make a cheap find like this.    
Haha this is true!!!
  Top is Schott 626 and bottom one is All Saints Habanero.  Probably will get a lot of haters on the All Saints but its all good, haha.  Schott one feels like it will last 2 lifetimes.  Tried on other models of Schott and this was only one that had a slimmer and more modern cut.  The rest fit me like old man jackets. The scarf coming out of the bottom looks retarded but it was cold.
guessin that you are not selling comune jeans now
not sure if you got my message, still interested in comune jeans
do you still have comune jeans
I pmd you would like to buy jacket.  Thanks
God this thing is nice.  Some fit pictures maybe?  
Dude where did you go to make a custom jacket like that?  
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