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I often wear a scarf when I drive. The ends keep the belt from touching my shirt or jumper.
Members of this forum won't in general be too impressed with either of those boots, not least because of the square (and to my mind almost Arabian Nights-like upturned) noses. Here's a link to a great thread about RM Williams boots . These would make a much better choice as the more timeless design means you won't be bored with them after just one season. There are plenty of other brands to consider as well -- just do a few...
Hi all I'm thinking of buying a few 16/36 slim fit Brooks Brothers shirts but as a UK resident I have no idea about the length. For comparison, most of my shirts are TM Lewin, which are just about OK in terms of the tail length -- about 33.5", measured at the back from the bottom of the collar. I recently bought a few C Tyrwhitt ones as well, but these are a bit short -- about 31". (Admittedly, at almost 6'7" I am a bit of a freak, but I still want to be a well-dressed...
Quote: Sleeves were 25" IIRC, I remember guesstimating an equivalent shirt sleeve of 35-36". Just for information, as another tall freak (almost 6'7") I wear a 36" sleeve length for shirts but that corresponds to a 27" shoulder seam to cuff length on sport coats/jackets. This is with a bit of cuff showing.
Quote: -it looks like your jacket + jeans blend together FWIW I fully agree. It may be that the lighting in the photo leaves something to be desired but it looks as though more contrast between jacket and jeans colour is desirable. Quote: -a pocket square would make things a bit more interesting I've only started to wear pocketsquares recently myself but this seems like sound advice too. To my mind a pocketsquare would certainly...
I don't think this combo -- or any jeans and tie combo -- is a good idea. Don't want to sound harsh but I don't like your tie knot either, too big and kind of shapeless.
There have been a few negative comments here about men in Eastern Europe. As someone who travels there very regularly I would agree. But interestingly the women there are often pretty stylish, at least in the big cities.
This may just be the photo but for my taste the pants are perhaps a tad too baggy (especially obvious on your left leg).
I use what is called European Casual on this website (aka Chelsea): It's simple and warm. In terms of combining the scarf with coats/jackets of different levels of formality, in general I'd also say there's no coat/jacket that doesn't go with a scarf. But as mafoofan says, pay attention to the colours. Also, the material comes into the equation. Silk doesn't go with puffer jackets for example.
Quote: Not a look I would go for myself ... especially with a charcoal suit ... My tuppence: agree. It should def be something darker. Also while I don't have a huge problem with loafers and suits (not uncontroversial) the stitching on this particular model would make it rather too casual for my liking.
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