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i thought of it too.. it would be about $1200 then for a golden fleece. I went with regent 1818, i know it's half canvas, but retailed at $998.00, with the 40% , it was $598.00 including alterations. Looks good.
no, this way idiots like you get have something to do.
ok, so now your credibility is suspect.. cause i just found out that the boss suits are fused. nice try.
So which is it? good quality, canvassed?   anyone ? 
what about Boss Black suits at nordstrom?   saw a "pasini/movie " suit in charcoal for $795.  Forget about the price, I know it's overpriced and they do go on sale, but how is this suit for quality?  any canvassing here or fully fused.?   paying for the name? Thanks
actually we looked again, one of the suits says 346 the other doesn't.  not sure what cut this was at the outlet but doesn't say it on the jacket.  and this is the one we feel the 3rd layer.  so , great, we got a canvassed suit!
So I do feel the "floating" canvas in between ...?
I feel the same layer in my black fleece brooks suit from years ago?
But what is the layer I felt inbetween the inside and outside of the jacket on several spots?  It feel like a layer of fabric in between.  Isn't that what the test is about?  if you feel a distinct 3rd layer the test states it's canvassed?  
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