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Gant Rugger Blazers For Sale: These are Slightly USED    I don't mind shipping it out of the country, but you guys have to pay for it... I will post my actual pictures soon... Please email me at Strife0918@aol.com for more information... I'm a very honest seller, my ebay account is STRIFE0918 with 100% feedback.           Gant Rugger 3/2 Glen Check Suit size 48 UK Blazer size 50 UK Pants $400 or best offer... (only worn once)       Gant Rugger Glencheck 3/2...
Grey Hopsack Blazer has been Sold...
Fall Hopsack size 48UK has been sold!!!!
For now, the pictures are from the official Gant website... If you want actual pictures and measurements, let me know at strife0918@aol.com
Bouquet Garni Jacket Sold!!!! Thanks Bruised Lee!!!!
for the Bouquet Garni size M, How's $275 + $5 shipping?
Hows $350 + $5 shipping? I'll send pictures tomorrow.   Whats your best offer the blazer? I haven't used it yet and its pointless for me to have it because its not really cold here in so cal I also have the last year Gant by MB grey Tweed Herringbone suit in size 48UK and 34x34 pants For the mean time here is the link from the official site... Sorry for the delay, Im at the laker game so I can't really send you a picture right now.. again the blazer is size 48UK...
Hi, is there anyone out here interested in my Gant Rugger Jackets and Knitwear... Any legit offer will be considered...  I got some of this as present and I don't think its ideal to wear it out here in SoCal due to the weather and Im really not feeling some these jackets and some are doubles... so let me know if any one out here would be interested... These are all Brand New with Tags and I only tried it on once to see if it fits me...My Ebay ID is "STRIFE0918" and I...
Hi Im currently selling a brand new Gant Rugger Blazers all in size 50 (UK)   Grandpa Blazer Brown (size 50) http://us.gant.com/r1-the-granpa-blazer   Grandpa Blazer Grey (size 50)  https://svpply.com/item/652423/Sakscom__Gant_Rugger__Grandpa_Blazer   Cordster Blazer with Elbow Patch Navy (size 50)   http://us.gant.com/r1-the-cordster-blazer   I'll have the pictures soon, please email me @ strife0918@aol.com for offers
How about $170
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