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The things that affect the overallt look and fit are sleeve length, and the length of the entire jacket. Those will be your main concerns.   If you're short then the sleeves might not be a problem for you as it was for me, but jacket length will definitely be more important than chest size.
You know the thing they (barbour) keep saying, don't wash warm or with detergents etc.. Not that I have, but the same goes for applying too much wax, which I must've done.. It can stain the lining with wax (which it did). Along the seams around the sleeves the lining has a darker colour, obviously from the wax.
rewaxed my fairly new barbour this weekend, totally ruined it. the wax seeped through the seams to the lining so now it's fucked, mother fucker.. hundreds af pounds down the drain
It's not really that it feels bad, I'm just worried if I look silly.. But with confidence you can get away with just about anything, so I'll put the sewing on hold for now.
  It does bug me a bit.. But I think that if I order a 44 it will be too big in other places.. Ah, compromise :) I'm 193 cm tall, 104 cm chest, approximately. My sleeves are hm, something like 89-90 cm, the 42' sleeves are supposed to be 88.8 cm, so I guess that's where it falls short.. But I really hate sending stuff back ;c (to my defense, St. McQ's sleeves weren't very long either) My inner label says 42.   I bought mine from countryattire.com, free shipping and got a...
Finally got my International today, and I'm very happy with it. Ordered my (almost, slightly bigger) true size, and I don't really see the fuzz about sizing down etc, I think I look really skinny in it, haha. The sleeves would've been too short if I'd ordered any less size, come to think of it, this actually fits rather like my Harris Tweed Hamish sports jacket, sleeve and length wise (size 38). I'm kind of used to longer sleeves I think but my wrists don't feel...
My biggest concern at this point is the sleeve length, but I THINK I might be on the safe side.. Definitely would've been more hesitant if I'd sized down. The chest size will sort itself out I think, I recall during service the army jackets being pretty generous in that area , to fit shirt, sweaters, body armour and such, and I remember them as being quite alright :)
And yes, since the temperature here this month dropped to -35 degrees (celsius, that is, or -31 F) I will be getting the optional lining ;)
Thanks for the reply man, I've seen you post about the sleeves before.. I'm happy I didn't size down then, we'll just have to see if they're still too short though. I measured my own sleeves hastily and I don't think they we're as long as yours.. But then again I meaured myself, using a nylon strap which I then compared to a ruler so I wouldn't trust the data with my life :P
Hello everyone. I've already ordered an A7 International, but being the sad human being that I am, I'm seeking some consolidation from you guys. Size-wise..   I ordered the 42. My chest is, lets say 104 cm on average (or about 41 inches for you not familiar with the system everyone but the US in the industrialized world uses, the metric system). Am I going to encounter problems?   I've read that people size some up, some down, and I don't know what to think! My biggest...
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