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Will there be a Falcon version of the baseball jacket?
Would definitely be in for a zip wallet!
Hi, Probably a silly question... but I'm going to ask anyway. I got a navy A1 suede bomber just before the cut off. Really is a fantastic jacket. I'd like to get an A2 leather, sorted out some slight changes to sizing and I'm ready to pull the trigger. But having been all set to get black lamb I'm starting to lean a little towards going for brown lamb instead. Anyone got both and if so which do you wear the most?
I got a navy suede a1 a couple of weeks ago. It's too warm to wear it at the minute but it's an amazing jacket. So glad I went for that colour/style.
Lamb suede bball would be amazing for spring/summer months.
A velvety smooth suede baseball and a classic toj varsity - brilliant!! Will definitely be ordering one of each if that's the case.
Would love to see a return of the Toj0 style varsity. Potentially with a zip option as well as buttons. Although the Toj1 is amazing for some reason I though I just prefer the set-in sleeves as opposed to the raglan.   Also, would definitely cop a suede baseball if they became available - hopefully out of a lighter weight suede if possible. The last one was fantastic, but a bit heavy for the summer months. I think blue was my favourite colour of the last version....
Toj baseball jacket in grey suede - stock size 50 (actual measurements shown below). I recently purchased this baseball jacket from another forum but unfortunately it is a size too large for me. It's in as new condition; the previous owner never wore it outside and I've only just tried it on. Bargain price is I just want to get back what I paid for it. Price includes shipping - add £5 for tracking. Any questions just get in touch.   Measurements:   Shoulders:...
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