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Dear Styleforum members,   I am looking around for nice men’s underwear at the moment.   What brands and UK retailers would you recommend looking at?   Here are a few ideas I have in mind. What do you think of them?   http://www.mandmdirect.com/01/details/CK221/Calvin-Klein-Mens-Button-Boxers-Ink.   http://www.mandmdirect.com/01/details/OL863/Original-Penguin-Mens-Boxers-Navy-Grey-Multi-Stripe...
Ok, what I meant to say is a normal night out at a nightclub. Let's suppose it is a student night.
On a night out. do you guys usually go with a casual smart shirt or a polo? I am thinking of just getting a few Penguin polos with a jumper (which matches the collar colour).
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