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 its the wings & horns / reigning champ factory - they use that for heavyweight cotton stuff, the tees are made in usa and some stuff is made in china
you better be going to this tonight.
if you took the median item posted of every member on this thread, yours might be the best. 
but did you smoke it?
Meant to be aggressive, only insulting if you take it that way.  I truly don't think its worth complaining about a low ball offer, negotiations are a normal part of life across the world and its a whole hell of a lot easier when you are hiding behind a keyboard.  I don't respond to lowballs that don't even cover the cost of shipping, if its just a sub 50% of asking, i will counter with what i am willing to sell for and not worry about it.   Further, I am providing a tip...
People who complain about low offers have a mental deficiency.  Its so easy to just ignore.
Looks like the dude wore it on the mountain, must have been breaking Lo head skiers' necks.
And finally, Seattle is a shitty place to thrift! I went to about 5 or 6 thrifts in walking distance of downtown and everything good was priced to Ebay prices! Only thing I got was a perfect pair of s130s incotex that were tailored perfectly to my size at cap hill GW for $30+ 10% communism taxes
Couple other random recents, sorry for sideways photos W's And went vegan a few months ago: Cafe gratitude breakfast buritto
Holy fuck @spoopoker I had ~15 mins in la la land after a work engagement Details are amazing, hand made everything
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