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and @GM-H been to the museum before, used to live one town over, and my wife went to mt holyoke.  VERY cool find man. 
Bunch of middling fodder including 35 pairs of bonobos and a couple things for me today Chick magnet
Ready Player One
#7 crew checking in
Hmm, maybe you made the correct decision.  I think the W stands for Winston Tailors, and while its closely related to Chipp, it doesn't carry the same appeal.
@Nataku if the Chipp suits were in good shape you made a mistake.  No reason you wouldn't get $100-$150 with buy it now and a month or two of patience.
My camera got a little foggy, but an excellent bottle share at @ocooney place. Food was a+ and the beers were great too! Hill farmstead birth of tragedy Tree house double shot Veritas 015 Hommage Night shift Picasso De garde petit desay West ashley Trillium Artaic Cantillon St Lamnivus De cam Oude lambiek We also had a Maryland brewery's Berliner Weisse which was not photographed and a Negroni with Grand Marnier, far superior to my normal Campari. Thanks for hosting,...
leave it, nothing special
pretty sure in the rules we all said that was fair game
That is a good one, but I prefer the JP Brun Terre Dorees Beauj Blanc for an extra buck or two
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