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mislabeled rrl tee shirt xl gray http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Mens-Size-XL-Gray-100-Cotton-Basic-Tee-Designer-Quality-/121414435497?pt=US_Mens_Tshirts&hash=item1c44dd42a9
If you all have Discover cards (which I recommend) you get additional 15% cash back if you buy through their "Discover Shopping" link on NDC.  I should have mentioned this earlier.   Use my link to sign up if you want.. we each get $50 cashback after a month or something:  http://discover.popularmedia.net/click/share/13ff29a99e6a8557cac1548b7c0420d6/4f21f66dd23f2fccda48eec5a8cfbd92
 Take it a step further, in auctions if they make a winning bid, the paypal funds immediately transfer.
http://wgbhnews.org/post/buy-it-when-you-find-it-hunt-expert-thrifter   Cool article in the local paper on @Giuseppe Timore
 yup i copped
struck out on the kobes online today   theres a store about an hour west of me that has em, but my buddy's party is about 45 mins east from me in 2 hours.  shouldn't have even called this store to check.
damn my dick is hard for these beethovens, definitely copping a pair tomorrow
whats the wait like for growlers today?
 generally higher volume of sales typically means you are selling lower margin stuff, because at least for me, the well of 16.66x gross sales runs dry fairly often.  with that said, this is not a critique on anyone's business model, if anything i am just trying to illustrate and quantify that although eBay fees seem high, its not pure profit for them. in my "real" job we evaluate companies with margins of 15+% as particularly juicy. 
 if you are having such small pours of everything, then i wouldn't even worry as much about the order of bottles.  just have palate cleansing food on hand.  i tend to like to open "whalez" earlier in the tasting just so my taste buds can appreciate it.
New Posts  All Forums: