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 40R jacket and 30W is off standard dimensions.   Try eBay for Brooks Brothers, Polo, etc, prices will be a little higher than a thrift, but you can get some good stuff
 fuck i missed this, was gonna pick up a second pair
nice pair of vintage black B&L 5024 Rayban Wayfarers for $2 at the local thrift at lunch
Staying in Boston?
Polished off a bottle of Hill Farmstead Edith last night, best "dark" saison that I have had so far.  No real surprise considering the source though.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/J-Press-Wool-and-Silk-Blazer-40-41-/171376713799   not bad, pictures are a little wonky, and there is a "stain" on the interior lining, but looks like a recent vintage.
 im aware.  my point is its a training/recruiting program to eventually become a salesperson (managing director).
 These specially made for the Brazil national team?  Pretty cool.
 Analysts become MDs eventually http://epicureandealmaker.blogspot.com/2013/03/curriculum-vitae.html
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