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So pissed. I paid for Express USPS shipping on a couple of Tom Ford pocket squares.  I dropped them off all together with a bunch of USPS packages like I do all of my others at the back of the post office.  This specific package was never scanned and shipped and its been over a week.  I am out the $28 for shipping as well as the ~$150 fro the squares.  At least the guy said he won't give me a negative, but what a kick in the balls to start the week!
Had 10 minutes to kill and this was $10 - mint and still on the website
i doubt that ships
at true thrift (<$7?).  First two at least are cops at those levels.
There is a whole category of investors (event driven) that focus on exactly the situations you are talking about.  Current price reflects market's view on likelihood of the deal closing at the headline figure and as it gets closer to that period of time the delta will shrink.
wearing my pair now, can't go wrong!
its great, they have good measurements on all their product pages and a generous return policy so feel free to order multiple sizes!
This is next on my list.
you and i drink basically the same wines.
i found aKoG a few weeks ago.  Seriously awesome finds though!
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