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Finally found some neckwear, was in the hipster part of town and had a few minutes to kill.
Not sure you can characterize me as a lurker :)
he is just trolling for a partial refund, but is smart enough to not say that directly. 
odds of me responding to this inquiry for an item that is priced at ~$25 after I have already given p2p and sleeve measurement?  Sub Zero.     "Any chance you can post the following measurements of this shirt? Thanks! 1. Chest 2. Waist 3. Seat 4. Bicep 5. Shirt Length 6. Shoulder Width 7. Sleeve Length 8. Cuff Circumference 9. Collar Size How to measure a shirt: https://www.ratioclothing.com/help/measure-a-shirt"
actually grabbed a sweater and shirt here earlier today.  hopefully they are good.
normally that $1000 written on the tag is the buyer instructing the store pricer what to target... the depressing part is that i can see that store from my apartment
this sounds great.
they are legit
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