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http://www.ebay.com/itm/LOT-OF-3-BRIONI-Men-Shirts-Size-45-17-34-made-in-italy-/141511314922   not a bad price for 3 brionis
  zero value my find today:  minty fresh, n/a
my package is en route, says arrival on 12/22, but i bet with delays it arrives 12/23   happy holidays, cant wait for the haul pics!
Truzzi is as nice as Borrelli
 wanna sell it for a profit to me?
any jewelry store or target or whatever should have some
new roc city
yes thats sterling silver - cool find   you could polish that with some cheap silver polish
Dunno if people were into the XIII Breds but my local spot has a few sizes, including 10.5, could proxy for $230 shipped, might have other sizes.
 Golden Doesjel is actual supposed to be a still lambic A blend of one, two, three and four-year old lambic, fermented and matured in oak casks by wild yeasts carried on the open air.  During re-fermentation the younger yeasts have inexplicably gone dormant - knocked off early for a long snooze, you might say - which halts the fermentation, assuring that you will taste the original flavors of the lambics in their purest form.  Doesjel, in Flemish, means, roughly, "Snoozer." 
New Posts  All Forums: