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you are good
not Attolini, but nice pants
Not going to work for a New England/New York winter @thefastlife some of the recent Woolrich parkas are borderline affordable on that budget, particularly if you can find a sale I would probably just recommend heading to Woodbury Commons and trying a bunch of stuff on, could probably find a nice wool at NMLC, RL, Zegna, etc.
Mr @ocooney went over and above as a host, great selection of New England cheeses, everyone loved the Jasper Hill Harbinger.  The Chorizo/steak chili was delicious as I came to the beer tasting on an empty stomach, stupidly.   My favorites were:   Reminded me of Flora which was a close 4th, very elegant, closer to Hill Farmstead sour than a SARA beer.     So good, this was my favorite for sure.  O was nice enough to grab me an extra bottle when he was in Vermont,...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/mens-38S-38-S-Gianluca-Isaia-Napoli-Navy-Blue-2pc-2button-suit-pants-32-X-29-/301804387130   decent price if a bit outdated
I think the point is that the valuable YSL stuff is few and far between, and you will know it when you see it.  for most people, if you just ignore all YSL you will probably not be making a huge error.
higher value items tend to have a much higher rate of nonpayment, ie watches, high end bags, autos especially - not worth getting frustrated over
Sell me some ties (sorry it was too easy)
Colorado income tax is 4.63%
Tax rates are marginal, so you would only pay the increased rate on income OVER the bracket limit, ultimately 30% should be fine +/- a few %
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