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app called Skitch
for the lolz  
they take ~3 weeks to ship
Sap is soooo good.  How was the wait?  Thursdays have been brutal.  Double Shot is scrumptious, but Good Morning (maple syrup added) was the best beer I had from them.
the event opened at 10am, email came at 10:05ish, you do the math :) i think they are doing the same thing tomorrow, so be there at 10am refreshing like crazy then add to your cart ASAP.  missed out on a few things i wanted, but generally pretty happy.  
they up
combo of both low stock and fast sellouts, finally had some luck today with duchamp ties and barbour liddesdales
Scooped 5x Duchamp ties from the Vente-Privee "Band Camp" shutdown tour sale, Barbour Liddesdale for $35 and a Barbour shirt.  Such a frustrating shopping experience though.
LOL - first investment banker to call pistachios expensive.
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