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some meat still left on the bone, especially on the Brioni lot, for someone like @SpooPoker   http://www.ebay.com/sch/Ties/15662/m.html?item=351858652816&_ssn=matts72
Epaulet Innsbruck + Sid Mashburn Moleskin - trying to channel autumn in Georgia
Could I get help with a maker ID?
this was on the menu at south city kitchen, buckhead atlanta - $85 on the nose last night   they also had the stitzel weller fitzgerald's very special reserve 20 yr for $135
whats a reasonable price to pay for a pour of PvW 23?
Yup, cool find
just got shipping confirm for the TWORDS!
Found some boring shorts and a short sleeve button down...   [[SPOILER]]   and this is a thing right? I feel like I saw @Nataku pull it before, but could be wrong.  this guy also had several charvet shirts with two front pockets that were unfortunately monogrammed on the left pocket, left behind
Today @ 11...     Not my fav model, but could see some of the hypebeasts liking the pink
Alden x TSM plaza last cap toe boots getting their first run in the "fall" here in Georgia
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