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 What'd you pay for it?
Any opinions on this: legitimate or not? Mens v Womens?  Worth anything?              
 looks real
~4000 person 10 mile run tonight.  Beer after.  Just going for the hour and a half pace.
Found my first Savile Row piece yesterday.  Wells, from 1990 a super thick bulletproof herringbone tweed.  Literally had no outside markings, but it was so diesel I had to check the pocket, boom traditional British country clothing.  Also grabbed a Yale Co-op Harris Tweed made by Deansgate 3/2 roll.  Couple other doodads and whatnots as well.  
 A big part of it is your storage capacity and your ability to manage inventory.  Some of us live in smaller apartments and don't have a dedicated work space and need to move things pretty quickly.  Others don't want to be bothered with sorting through tons of inventory for whatever lifestyle reason.  Buy it nows as an average result in higher prices, especially on niche items like a bright sport coat, but auctions can result in eye-popping figures when a bidding war...
store i frequent got 10 12 packs
I picked up this 12 pack from Sierra Nevada, all collaboration beers    http://beercamp.sierranevada.com/beer/twelve_pack   $25 but cool to try beers brewed by so many different breweries.
3 weeks is definitely enough time with no updates to out this fellow.  he was doing this as a proxy for you I assume?  
Agreed, would not do try for both Lawsons and HF in one day trip, especially if you live in New England/NY.  Two separate trips.
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