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Wegmans near me has a shitty wine selection.
I have stopped posting my regular hauls because a) i am busy and b) they usually aren't exciting or educational   today was different because i found some really good stuff in an out of the way thrift store - don't write off thrift stores because they are in weird/poor areas   I won't give you pictures of it all, but heres the haul folded up, by my count there is about 60 pieces (8-10 are cool COS items that probably wont be GREAT flips, but the rest are all really...
TG73 is a G&G last
Gaziano & Girling
e-"thrift"   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Brooks-Brothers-White-Cuffed-Khaki-Pants-Size-34-/182091089449?hash=item2a65798629:g:Ni4AAOSw7hRWOrPu 
not resellable, but a decent price for a personal LP Horsey    http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-LORO-PIANA-JACKET-HORSEY-1992-OLYMPICS-XL-/121961612730?hash=item1c657a85ba:g:Xa8AAOSwlfxXFiVc
I listed 110 items yesterday, it wasn't the most fun.
Was at a thrift store in the state whose motto is Live Free or Die and had one of the weirder hauls of my career.  Normally when I get a decent sized haul its from one gent or his family.  This could be the latter, but it didn't seem like it.  There were 4 recent Hugo Boss suits with current styling and nice fabrics, an Our Legacy thermal shirt, Andover Shop moleskin trousers, NWT Valentino tie, Mammut L/S T-Shirt, Rapha jacket, uber recent Fedelli and Borrelli polos in...
wearing a brown pair of these today.  love em.
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