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 Sounds like its time for another tasting.
NYC is the best, this was a 5 minute stop, just pulled a few things off the newest rack.  Couple ties not pictured here as well.  Would have made my other stops if it wasn't our anniversary.  Morimoto was insanely good by the way, for decidedly not thrift priced food.  
Legit check. Quality seems pretty good, but no content tags worries me.
 It's like that everywhere.  If i lived in an area that didn't have as many thrifts, I would probably go deeper on the tees.
@ocooney and i, and maybe a few other on the beer thread can probably speak for a decent # of bottles
this coming from the guy who didn't want leverage a year ago ;)
under $200 you are safe
My highlights yesterday, malo is cashmere silk blend cardigan Also, throwback picture, this was taken on the day of the last dispatch concert, I was in high school. Thrifted hollister shirt.
There are several Whole Foods with good selections, depending on where in the city.  Depends precisely where you are staying but I am a big fan of The Blind Tiger in the West Village, near Soho.  If you are doing Brooklyn, there a whole host of options, of which I am frankly ignorant.  I will be in the city the weekend after this coming one myself.
@SpooPoker since people are asking you questions.  do you do all of your photography and ebay work in a suit?  I get too goddamn sweaty moving around and everything, couldn't imagine doing all that work in tailored clothes.  i go full blown yoga yuppie lululemon when I am doing that sort of work.
New Posts  All Forums: