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that military base (spangdahlem) is only an hour from luxembourg...
new somelos look great!
~$50 for the lot
nice little lululemon haul, the polar opposite of the typical thrift smell, these were all freshly washed and basically feel new (except the tank which has a tag).  there was probably more but short on time.  
give us the TWORD!
Last night I made a quick stop at the GW close to home, lady was bringing out a cart with the new accessories.  Unfortunately a woman, who I can't imagine was a flipper, but I could be wrong, snatched the two Hermes (as well as a few other whimsical BBs) before I could get in there.  C'est La Vie. Took home a Sid Mashburn chambray shirt with button down pocket thats a keeper and a few pieces of fodder, so I can't complain too much.
and lower the price by ~40-50% 
try to find this stuff if you can... http://notdrinkingpoison.blogspot.com/2013/12/yonne-bike-trip-nicolas-vauthier-vini.htmlhttp://www.jennyandfrancois.com/wines/france/vini-viti-vinci/ should be well under $40
 cc @GMMcL 
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