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http://www.invernesscounsel.com/overview/our-team/robert-b-deans-jr/ RIP
 good luck, but i can't imagine this being a big commercial success.
New message from: xids (3)   "I have a question"     LOL
Obviously I made a mistake, but really man? I could make the argument that once you are buying it used you aren't supporting "slave labor" anyways.     Hello! Your description on this shirt is deceptive. It states the shirt is MADE IN IRELAND, a civilized country .... that s why I purchased the shirt. It is not. The shirt label says it is MADE IN SRI LANKA. That is a long ways away. Slave labor! Deceptive to say the least. You will pay me to ship this shirt back and/or...
havent you been talking about 4-5 different jobs/offers in the past year?  you need some stability, amigo.
i am down 3.4% (9/15/14-9/15/15) so you are doing good
@Thrift Vader and @barrelntrigger that is a ton of cool and interesting stuff, but how much is the approximate price in USD for the t-shirts, flannels, jackets?  Are these places consignment stores in that the owners of the items are selling them there or were they donated like in the thrift store model here?
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