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Any of you Manhattanites want to do me a favor?  Need a few things from Supreme.. Will pay for items and shipping and compensate with grass fed beef, whey protein or whole foods gift cards
Is there anyone Manhattan based in this thread who could do me a favor today?  Soho area.   PM me.  
Acquired a case of '13 Lapierre Morgon for $228 just now
I like the Rose golds
Thrifted this white and gold dress
So what if I give someone a loan, how is that any different? What about the tons and tons of private loans held by individuals? What's the difference? You realize banks are owned by people right? Very confused.Undergraduate lol, what do you think I do for work?
Lets clear a few things up.   Commercial banks are in the business of taking deposits and making loans.  Banks don't only get money from the "fed" as you put it.  They get capital from depositors, equity owners of the bank (shareholders) and many of them issue their own public and private debt on their own (this comes from people/pensions/etc who are making a profit off the banks EVIL!!!! ?).  They make money by prudently managing risk, and provide a ton of value.  How...
Taking a summer associate role in banking wouldn't be the worst, if not just to try it and the 25k wouldn't hurt.  You should be a pretty attractive target to a PE firm in a secondary or tertiary city (not unlike where you are from) and make $150-$200 as associate w/ bonus and hopefully $500+ with carry as a partner later on.  Pretty well worth the -$200k up front.  
i said it was first class
No.  You did well.  Good day to sell Supreme as the Spring collection released in LA/NY/LDN yesterday.
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