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I took a survey of 50 questions that I was asked and answered and only 2 generated offers/customers. i will answer a question that is very important, but that is only maybe 1 of 25.  if i say an item has no holes and good condition and you send me a message about condition, why respond?
 I think you missed the point of my post, as I was saying that if they aren't "fucking with your money" as you put it, in any meaningful way, then why bother talking/thinking/stressing about it at all.  Buyers/potential buyers benefit from removing the barriers to common decency because they can say whatever they want via text message, often things they would not say in person, without the shame that they would otherwise incur if they did it in person.  I am not advocating...
but you are running a customer facing store through someone else's platform (ebay) over the internet (anonymous) - I am honestly shocked there is not more foolish stuff in the day-to-day.  If the 3 out of 100 transactions where something "annoying" happens affects your bottom line, then that's a problem with your business model. The fact that its $5 is exactly my point.  Regarding time, it shouldn't take any of your time if you just ignore their foolish comments....
For grown adults you people get so bent out of shape over messages/non-paying offers/blah blah blah.  Insignificant events, move on.
in cash or paper portfolio?  knowing your situation from a 30,000 foot view, i would imagine that's a pretty big portion of your net worthRay D.?
Thrift fit: RLBL, VV Cords, Tods (~20% of MSRP), Panerai (thrift funded), Tervis tumbler (free from work)       hope everyone has a great day
@Coldsnap I can't speak to the quality, other than speculation, but this looks like it would serve your needs https://combatgent.com/bags/brown-leather-duffel-bag - not a sale.
Chicken parm you taste so good
Kanye West would approve
New Posts  All Forums: