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Hi guys. I am in dire need of some sartorial assistance. I am currently unemployed and buying new clothes isn't anywhere near my list of priorities. I used to own two suits (tropical black wool and a summer cotton khaki) that are mere jackets now...the dry-cleaner destroyed the pants.. I have a wedding to attend on 9/13 and I am at a complete loss what to wear and how to combine what I own. I rarely wear suits and strangely enough, have attended very few weddings or...
Hi everyone. I bought a really neat military jacket at an army and navy store this summer. I love everything about it (the silhouette, epaulets, cinched waist etc) except the color. it's a light green/lt olive-ish which i am not particularly fond of....does anyone know if i can have it dyed black and if that's possible, how black can it get? thnks guys.
This past spring I used Clinique Happy and Bulgari Extreme and this fall I plan to go back to Issey Miyake and Dreamer.
This past spring I used Clinique Happy and Bulgari Extreme and this fall I plan to go back to Issey Miyake and Dreamer.
I just bought a nice black cotton shirt from Club Monaco that can be dressed down and up. I intend to wear it a lot to justify the px. Short of having it dry-cleaned everytime I use it, is there another way I can keep it from fading when I wash it? I remember an old Oprah episode that letting it sit in a solution of vinegar and water makes the color more vivid and less liable to fade. True? Any ideas would be so appreciated.
Thanks Fraternitystud... How would describe it? Is it fresh? Lemon-ish? Citrusy?
Hey Guys. My friend is travelling to Italy next week and I am thinking of asking him to get me a bottle of Armani Mania since none of the stores where I live seem to carry it. I am hesitating because I have no idea what it smells like and how much it costs. The one thing I know is I love all of Mr. Armani's scents, across the board, and I am pretty sure I am going to like this one as well. Is it citrusy? Lemony and fresh? And how much? Thanks guys..
I have these plastic bins I bought from BBB on 6th ave in NY and that's where I store my sweaters. Taking a cue from my sister who has more or less 60 prs of shoes, I have pictures of each sweater taped outside each box (4 for each bin)...stored accdg to color/weight/material. Throw in 6 cedar balls per bin and you're all set.
I find their products expensive for what it is. The ads are chic, the stores are chic, the overall image is chic but the clothes, if you really have a good eye for quality ain't that chic. My roommie sells fabric to their Fabric Buyer in their new office in the west 20s in NYC, and he swears, the price range of the fabric she wants to see is low, very low.
I am 30 yr old Asian guy with salt and pepper hair. I stopped dyeing my about three years ago after painstakingly subjecting myself to this ordeal for 4 years. There are days when I like it (the youthful face and gray hair, I've been told looks quite good) but there are also days, more actually, when I hate it. I know I won't dye it black or a dark brown ever again but I'd like to know if there's a wash or a dye for graying hair to make it more even out? There's more gray...
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