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Thank you LAGuy. I am in NYC....work midtown and live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I have premature gray hair which on most days I love so I know a black frame would suit me best. What about my question about the amount of brow showing above the glasses? Doesn't matter you think? Thanks.
I rotate Issey Miyake, Burberry Weekend, Bulgari Extreme, Clinique Happy, Dreamer and something I have worn, on and off close to 20 years, Eau Sauvage. There was a time, here in NY, when almost every guy had Issey M on....it isn't as prevalent these days thankfully. I get the most compliments on Bulgari and Burberry Weekend probably because they're not as popular as Issey.
I know I shouldn't be looking but a lot of guys at my gym have trimmed pubes. I trim mine as well. It just looks cleaner and feels more hygenic.
I have a round face and know that I should get a frame that is geometric (rectangular-ish) in shape. My question is, should the top half of the frame completely cover my brows? Or can my eyebrows be literally above the frame? I find that to achieve the former, the frames should be bigger...unfortunately, this style does is not flattering at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Silly question....my sister gave me a rich dark brown cotton moleskin 2 button jacket from Banana Republic for Christmas last year. I like it a l lot but would probably wear it more often if it was a 3 button instead. Is it possible to change it to a 3 button without damaging it? Thanks.
Thank you very much guys for the helpful hints.
Has anyone here tried buying their scents from this site? I am planning to buy what I already am using but I am a little wary. Are they genuine? Their products are so much cheaper than department stores.
Great advice....thank you very much.. I don't own a silver tie but I know someone who has one. How about a white pocket square? Would that be too much?
Thank you... I really appreciate this LA Guy. Shirts...white, gray, black, pink (2 shades), mint green, blue green, many shades of solid blue, lotsa checks and small plaids which I am sure won't fly. Pants....gray and black only. I tried wearing the black jacket and one pr of my 4 or so black pants and they're a little off shade wise. Would I be committing a sartorial sin if I wore them as a set? If it was an evening wedding, I could probably pull it off but as it's...
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