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Silly question guys. My uncle just gave me a pair of authentic camoufage army/navy pants which I fell in love with instantly. They're also spanking brand new and fit me just right. Short of washing them with hot water (which I prefer not to do since it will surely shrink 'em and they fit jst right ), what else can I do to fade the color a lot. Make them look older more lived in? Thanks..
I have not been blessed with a nicely shaped skull hence my hesitation to shave. I would look so awful with a shaved head.....oh the horror..
Try Paul Smith Extreme. I started using it over the holidays and have gotten compliments. The scent is similar to Burberry Weekend.....citrusy and fresh.
After using Issey Miyake, Burberry Weekend and Bulgari Extreme alternately for years, I finally introduced a new scent to my olfactory wardrobe.....Paul Smith Extreme. I am loving its fresh and citrusy smell.
Hello guys, Has anyone here tried Nu Hair and does it work? My sister's hairdresser swears by it and though I am relatively comfortable with my thinning hair, I would like to give this a shot. Please share whatever experiences you have. For those who live in the NYC area, Duane Reade doesn't carry this but CVS does. Thank you very much. best, f
I have a big bowl (roughly two servings) and I don't put anything in it. I am a purist that way....I tried putting honey, raisins even yogurt but thankfully, I don't have a sweet tooth. But the oatmeal I eat is the instant-microwave-in-5-minutes variety. I know this is not the best way to eat oatmeal, but I figured it's better than not having any at all. Please tell me that's true? I don't have the time and the patience to cook a bowl every morning. Thanks..
I was at a party last night in Brooklyn and this was one of the topics of discussion. It's just not you. This is an especially intense allergy season and a lot of people I know feel the same way. It's really bad.
Thanks Kevin for your advise. I am due for another physical in 3 months and after having oatmeal every morning for the past 5 months I am looking forward to a major ireduction in my cholesterol count. I know I am also losing weight because of the changes I have made in my diet but sometimes, I have a feeling I am not losing the excess pounds fast enough until my sister told me it could be because of the amount of oatmeal I take in the morning. Any other comments out there...
Hi guys....I have a high cholesterol count so I have a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I am also trying to lose weight and having a big amount of it keeps me filled up until almost question is under what grp does oatmeal fall under? Is it a carbo or a variation of a carbo?
Need advice guys.....would a brand name like Rogaine be more effective than a store brand (specifically a generic Target version)? I compared the contents and they are exactly the same but the former costs more almost 50% more. A friend started with Rogaine and eventually switched to a Walgreens brand and he swears, they both work the same in halting his hair loss. Your thoughts would be so appreciated. Thanks.
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