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Quai Des Antiquaires has been around for a bit now, they're legit... they're a consignment e-shop. I doubt they sell anything fake (at least not intentionally).
thanks i grabbed these. prob needed a 28 but free returns so ill give it a try
super cheap fw14 blanket trucker ailed.com/listings/64307-robert-geller-blanket-lined-trucker-jacket Sold my 48 and have regretted it ever since... The piece is lined so it does fit slim. I'd say its best for a 48/slim 50.
Don't do it man, ma1s overhyped and rick's even more so. He offers so many more interesting jacket designs that would be better in the slim/extra length RO style.Waited so long for my TOJ ma1 by the time I got it everyone and their mom had a $50 version of it.
#1 post on front page reddit, couldn't help but think RO lol. Comments are hilarious http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/36f52s/bought_xl_tank_tops_from_walmart_so_theyre_not/
Hahaha TheRealReal even offers financing. Cop RO leather for as low as $103 a month!
It's an exaggerated comment on their construction, but I would argue that most of the boots in this thread could outlive our practical use for them anyway.
At the library in a pretty affluent neighborhood and already seeing an older lady (she looks ~60ish) with the 12 inch MB... seems like the exact type of customer it's targeted towards. Bet she does some intense web browsing and youtube watching haha. Jokes aside, something to note: iirc, the 2011 MBA launched with similar issues, with the two primary arguments being that it didn't fit the current market in what it offered and prices were way too high. Within 6 months...
I just came back from trying out the new Macbook too. It was... underwhelming to say the least. What it lacked in hardware I was hoping would be made up for in design. The highlights are obviously the form factor and display. Both incredible, and the screen in particular looks better than any I've seen, including my 15inch MBP retina. Reminds me very much of the clarity of a retina iPad, high resolution on a compact screen and the dense pixel ratio makes everything look...
I was ready to convert from a 2014 15" MBP to the 2015 12", but after seeing the disappointing reviews, I think I'll have to hold off for the refresh... stock core is too slow, bumping it up too expensive. Thing runs hot when under a decent amount of stress (skype calls, video streaming), battery life is only 7 hours. I don't think it'll be practical for my needs which is disappointing, because design wise its everything I want in a laptop. Single port is really not an...
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