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yaaaaas thank you.
TOJ T1 in 46. Probably the most underrated TOJ piece. Wish it was a 48! http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/156430-bless-inverallan-toj-brooklyn-tailors-ervell/
You have to email them for an adjustment for VAT and yes, you will prob be charged duties.
Can't believe I have to unsub from the TOJ thread after nearly 5 years... Everything in this thread for the last couple months has been nothing but complaining. Really no point in coming back here while I wait for my last order. Any relevant posts will be reblogged anyway.
Acronym also limits it's stock and doesn't go on sale so it has a premium collectors allure to it. Definitely a lot more hype around it, sometimes less value than it's asking price but it seems to be working for them.
Bball lows look great though.
tbh I think they were just being really lazy. They were trying to clear out a lot of stock, and most of the shoes were previously sold out in the sizes that were offered. Maybe a mix of clearance items, returns, etc... and they just decided to put it all up at 70% off at once.
I got one but I literally ordered within 2 minutes of the sale going live.
It depends tho.The black rafs I bought will be $200 max after shipping and duties. I was about to buy the same pair of shoes from B/S recently for $380 because they completely sold out last season in sz 42. Theres a lot of reasonable sizes and styles left on the site... it's not just your typical clearance styles.
I know they don't ship balenciagas, what else dont they ship to US? And I heard about the customs thing too but still prices too good even after factoring that in.
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