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40% off geller sale stuff @ acrimony. LABOR40. Dip dye for $94... not a fan of the color though.
They run half size big. Just got my pair earlier this week
yaaaaas thank you.
TOJ T1 in 46. Probably the most underrated TOJ piece. Wish it was a 48! http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/156430-bless-inverallan-toj-brooklyn-tailors-ervell/
You have to email them for an adjustment for VAT and yes, you will prob be charged duties.
Can't believe I have to unsub from the TOJ thread after nearly 5 years... Everything in this thread for the last couple months has been nothing but complaining. Really no point in coming back here while I wait for my last order. Any relevant posts will be reblogged anyway.
Acronym also limits it's stock and doesn't go on sale so it has a premium collectors allure to it. Definitely a lot more hype around it, sometimes less value than it's asking price but it seems to be working for them.
Bball lows look great though.
tbh I think they were just being really lazy. They were trying to clear out a lot of stock, and most of the shoes were previously sold out in the sizes that were offered. Maybe a mix of clearance items, returns, etc... and they just decided to put it all up at 70% off at once.
I got one but I literally ordered within 2 minutes of the sale going live.
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