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That's exactly what I use them for too haha. I travel often and they're perfect.
Hah, got me excited too.
Well it's a little awkward, plus the fact that one of the casters isn't even audible.
The casting audio on that stream is so bad... I've heard bad things about Dota 2 caster audio but you would think for the championships things would be more organized.
The email says that the system flagged me, I have no idea how. I have the email but probably better not to put the site on full blast -- seems like its getting its fair share of criticism already.
I PM'd a guy on grailed saying that I saw the same listing on Styleforum (where he had posted it first and still had an active listing, and the item was cheaper) so I asked if we could just do the deal there. He wasn't very active on styleforum so I thought I'd message him through grailed. I got a message shortly after from the site admin saying that I would be banned from grailed for trying to dodge their fees if I did it again.
They all look different don't they? I don't know about the specific leathers but geos come in normal, blistered, and wrinkled leather styles. Doubt the actual leather type makes much of a dif go with the style you like.
it's moo did you really have to ask
Yeah, recent seasons have a more relaxed cut. We kept saying it for awhile and everyone was unsure but the sites even say the cut as relaxed. And AFAIK they were always full length but for awhile a cropped version was offered. edit: theyre a steal on ssense right now.
New Posts  All Forums: