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theres no difference in womens and mens geoswomens eu 41 = mens eu 41both are the same shoesomeone correct me if im wrong tho
How's the sizing on this? I'm a slim 48. This looks like it's cut slim but with most knits I have to size down or else they end up looking too baggy on me
Assuming its not new season or staple, it will most likely.Went back and got another $1k worth of stuff when the site stabilized. Kind of curious if all my orders will get through, really surprised by the amount of sizing (esp medium) available this year. Couldn't imagine at the beg of this season that I would even have a chance to pickup the tim coppens bomber in medium, esp 50% off
Yesssss thank you.Got my 3/4 veilance mionn which was the only thing I wanted from the porter sale.
I was at the bar and told myself I'd buy it when I got home...
Taking them off feels even harder. I almost went to sleep with them on last weekend because I was too drunk when I got home lol. I like them tho
same sizing, my rickxdidas socks this season fit same size as my geos.1st one uses crumpled leather on some panels, 2nd one is smooth all around.no dif though both are going to be the same leather just treated differently
no code, Nomad price is in CAD
A few posts up in this thread shows last year's sale started on 12/22...It will be soon.
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