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Fwiw I just bought a pair of guidis and they were only .5 size large.
Never thought I'd say these words in the same sentence: Kendrick Lamar in a Geller hoodie talking about Tswift.
yeah they're legit. I forgot who, but those pics (and I'm assuming the shoes) belonged to someone here on SF.Short tongue geos are rare but imo the better version
Lost a lot of weight and got skinny recently, and picked up this grail. I know they're still gna be tight but I'm hoping my legs don't look like sausages in these.
damn nice. that was almost mine but was sad to find out how oversized it is, still looking for one that will fit...
For the amount of time distorbiant spends in this thread, you would almost think he was getting paid or smthing
its for sale items, and does work for RO and drkshdw. Picked up some tees.
http://shop.seven-helsinki.com/collections/rick-owens 40% off with FINALE Free priority shipping, VAT reduced, and weak euro... Some really cheap rick though selection is pretty limited at this point.
Qasa sizing is extremely flexible though, since they're essentially shoe socks. Just size down one and they should fit fine
nice, low starting price too. paid retail for my geller bomber and it's gotten a ton of wear. by far my favorite geller piece
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