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Bought slim dungs from the last restock. Have been wearing them daily since receiving... didn't mind paying retail. Yes it came with some loose threads, but I can already tell how durable they are in the long run and the fit is great. I could find something similar... sure, but the price difference is not huge. I'm happy with them and would easily pay retail for another pair. I actually don't think they're slim enough, so I may try for climbers, but I know that the dungs...
some grail for sz 44's prices for these are ridiculous but these are on the lower end and in reasonable condition. http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/155015-fs-08-rick-owens-geo-dunks-milkblack-44/
can't tell whose joking anymore
Without even looking at the shoe, first thing that came to mind was 'why is bbs doing a collab with rebook?'
Btw, how did the long flannel from barneys warehouse work out for you?Because if it didn't work out, you should let me know
These ones. Hmm thought they were different but maybe you're right. The ones from last season seemed like they had a brownish suede versus all black.
Anyone hear about the black leather/suede cp mids? Been waiting for them since the pics were dropped in this thread.
they had geos and ramones again? i dont see them anywhere. I know they came up in the last sale about a month ago.
A bunch of those plohkov boots (as well as clothing) are up on myhabit.
Some euro stores will knock off vat which is your best bet. Direct I'm pretty sure you will have to pay import taxes as they mark it's true value. Acronym and cheap just don't really go together tho.
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