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got me excited... except everything is oos. ln-cc site sucks
any differences between guidi 992 vs 992t? also, i see some 992s with white stitching and others with black, are they made with two different colors? white stitches on black bothers me.
i have a black suiting wool MA-1, sz 46 with 48 lengths. Works great if you're a 46 and at least 5'10. Looking to trade for TOJ leathers only. Looking for leathers in 48.
you're in the wrong thread check baller sneakers thread for some givenchy with $tar$
lol so many babies in here
i wear the same size in both.got my raf velcros on right now so comfy
Lied to myself thinking guidi derbies wouldn't work -- actually really like them in full grain horse. I have something lined up but was hoping I could get a pair sooner/try them on in tokyo. Anyone know of reliable stockists in tokyo? Only have a limited amount of time so I won't be able to visit too many spots.
Hmm... will need to drive to Japan Town later to find that interview link
Yeah, with the way the store is set up its understandable. I was just annoyed because it was my most exciting purchase from Black Friday weekend but no big deal.
ssense does its sales in increments... but your item does not automatically drop to the next tier when the sale hits.eg your item is 20% if you wait till things drop to 50% its not just going to be 50% off, it might be like 32% off (they do some weird numbers too).codes usually go out at the very end of the season on final sale shit for like an additional 10-15% off its nothing big. by then you're sorting through garbage anyway.
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