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Please let me know if you do I messaged her as well but she told me I was too late.
Grabbed a 48 but just tried it on and pretty disappointed. I didn't realize it was so thin which doesn't make a lot of of sense for a fw jacket. Will be going back as it's not what I'm looking for right now.I did pick up the textured sweater from nomad as well though. Looking forward to that.
Apc stretch denim sounds like exactly what you're looking for. I use to wear only gellers and uniqlo but mainly wear APC NPS stretch now
I actually like those quite a bit.
I didn't hear about splits till recently. Apparently there are some FB groups that are good too, will likely do that in the future. FYI the Creed GIT at Walmart is now OOS so don't purchase from there anymore. They're still selling it from 3rd parties, but as others have said there's a good risk for fakes. Slickdeals always clears stock quickly...
It came up on slickdeals, and users are claiming that they're authentic. Buy now, think later. I'm sure others in the thread who buy to try will let everyone know if its real.
Creed GIT on sale for ~$155, at Walmart of all places. Apparently a legit bottle unlike what you might get from Amazon, even though it's the same price there. Have not found any good deals on Aventus but GIT is nice to wear daily so I picked one up.
Good luck with that. It was delayed again FYI to April
Way too early to even consider these rumors.As the article states, next Pro refresh has already been finalized that still includes all these things, and everything points to a Q4 release this year. Considering how long it took them to refresh the Pro design... I don't see these ports disappearing anytime soon. Who knows what the state of those ports will be like by the time we do need to consider removing them. IE does anyone actually use SD slot aside from photographers...
Needless is the wrong word. There were plenty of reasons that Apple removed the headphone jack, and if you'd like more details this article is a great read:'m not going to defend Apple's decision. I, too, think they're trying to force the issue into an ecosystem that isn't ready for it yet. The same thing happened with the 12inch macbook. What I will say is, that it seems pretty clear to me that the iphone 7 is...
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