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I would say the MDR was the most popular model in terms of leathers. But the TOJ varsity was the one that started it all, and the one with the most re-iterations due to popular demand (lots of pictures of the varsity across different models). In terms of why, all of the TOJ patterns are just modernization of classics so you can explain a large part of the appeal right there. The varsity is easy to answer because it's easy to wear and flexible in styling. At the time,...
can anyone recommend the x100t? every review i read say that its their favorite camera to shoot with because of ergonomics, but in terms of actual performance is not that incredible (compared to say a ricoh 2 or cheaper x100, x100s). I have a decent amount of experience with a 6d setup, and also s100 p/s. I'm looking for a good inbetween (6d setup too bulky, s100 quality not good enough), which sounds like x100t is the perfect answer. Is it worth the price tag or is an...
I would pass on canvas. Trying to sell mine right now. Smooth leather only way to go
edit: nvm
I've been practicing for 25 years believe it or not I can keep eating for another 50 years and try to pay attention or experience different foods, but it's hard to make any improvements if I don't know what I'm looking for.Maybe I phrased my question poorly. I want to understand a little more what I can look for to help objectively explain why something I ate tasted good. That to me seems like gastronomy/food science stuff, and was wondering if there were any good...
How can I begin to understand better whether or not what I ate was good? I.e. differentiate betwenen "I like what I ate" and "What I ate was good food". Maybe some recommendations of books on gastronomy or similar resources?
holy shit raf velcros cost almost $1k now? i bought my classic velcro highs for $150 off SB like 2 years ago. wear them all the time one of my favorite pairs of sneakers
Both overshirts look excellent
^ You're being dense. He's saying he still wants his TOJ jacket and is reluctant but still willing to wait. Obviously there are alternatives out there that may or may not be better. Anyway, haven't popped into this thread for months and it doesn't look like a single thing has changed. Glad to see Charly stepping up though.
Quai Des Antiquaires has been around for a bit now, they're legit... they're a consignment e-shop. I doubt they sell anything fake (at least not intentionally).
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