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Looking for an all black leather tote, with a chunky silver zip. Not overly simple, something along the lines of the TOJ helmut bag or MMM tote. This season's MMM tote would be perf but don't want to drop that much, thinking more of 3-5 bills range. Any recs?
I've had the 6 plus since launch day and it feels like a normal sized phone to me now. My hands are pretty small, but i have not had a problem with the 6 plus. I wear super skinny pants too and no signs of bending. I needed something to do a lot of reading on, didn't want to lug around a tablet just for that reason. 6 plus does it all and i rec it. Camera is also amazing and has replaced my canon s110.
Preeetty sure I saw @nicelynice looking at my Cdiems while I was roaming around Shibuya today haha. Didn't really get a chance to say anything though, saw your face as you passed by.
I've tried a ton of IEMs to try and find the perfect pair that fits comfortable and sound good. Highly recommend vsonic gr07 bass editions, I wear these for at least half the day and they sound amazing. http://www.lendmeurears.com/gr07-bass/
Selling a BNWOT S.N.S. Herning Stark. Size medium & black color. This stark is the newer and updated iteration with better length than older models. Extremely warm and perfect cardigan for upcoming winter season. Free shipping within US, international buyers please ask for shipping price. $215 shipped.
I actually really like the brands Notre is stocking and their buys. Looking forward to seeing more from them in the future. Oh and no tax (for most) and free shipping? 20% off coupon is just a nice bonus on top of all that - Geller retail from them is a great deal without it.
Great selection of brands/items, and nice discount.
@Mariokartfever Huge Jos-a-bank sale. Picked up some hangers, a shoe rack, and other random shit for under $30 free ship too. http://slickdeals.net/f/7251634-jos-a-bank-66-off-mostly-everything-shoe-tree-8-50
Can confirm rice puffs are legit. My family's been going to queens bakery for as long as I can remember. I can pretty much eat a whole box on my own if I'm not careful lol.
@who8mahrice priced kind of high tho for second hand sweats. http://www.styleforum.net/t/429382/robert-geller-aw13-black-tencel-flight-pants-44/0_100
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