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nah he looks cool but i dont recall ever seeing his face before
ah shit you're totally right haha. nevermind
off topic but you from your ig you look absolutely nothing like how i imagined you would. not saying anything wrong, but all i ever see are your posts in baller sneakers thread and i imagined some super dorky sneaker head asian
This is false.Charly is hulk sized asian 24/7
Yeah i have original carpe laces on them, i like the dongle bit that makes it easier for knotting. Guess I'll poke around but I wouldn't mind regular leather laces too as long as they're the right length.
My leather cdiem laces snapped. Any ideas on where I can find replacements? Tried searching but way too much results for lace up boots in this thread
Dick ovens at its best (nsfw) [[SPOILER]]
Yeah the bomber he's selling is a 48 for $300. I have his email if you need it
there you go again, clearly not reading anything i said.
lol honestly what are you guys even doing on these forums, you guys must be lost.i dont know how you expect to walk in to a forum thats specifically for luxe fashion goods and tell people how to value their purchases. my grandma would laugh at you and say "not wurf" for buying a $750 MTM leather jacket when she picks hers up from macys. it could be made from premium kobe lamb skin and be sprinkled with diamonds and she wouldn't give a shit for that amount. Did you guys...
New Posts  All Forums: