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ISAORA 25% off everything
$142. steal price in a good colorway too
nearly every pic i've seen it styled with a long sleeve under which looks good. Vis is meant to be layered. I think 3/4 is also fine for a fall piece. It makes as much sense as a insulated vest and people wear those all the time
damn which one of you outbit me on the long geller flannel on ebay
Man everywhere still has the olive sanjuro in sz 2... I'm afraid if I try one I'll want to keep it. 2.5k pretty ridiculous
Acroynm (in regular sizes) always sells out. There are the occasional unpopular models but part of the appeal is the limited releases they do, which also explains why the secondhand market is so strong. 2-3 years back I never saw ACR on sale or included in promos, you just had to pay retail. There are a few sites that include them for 15-20% promotions and that's really the best that you can hope for. Also, really not a fan of the higher end Isaora outerwear pieces....
i would also assume that with these luxury brands and mens fashion in particular, the number of options is much smaller than people are perceiving. how many sites can you think of that carries your favorite brand, that you would actually buy from? and of those stores, which ones actually have the actual piece and sizing in stock? I often find myself in the situation where there's a piece I want that only 3-4 stores have at a reasonable price. Of those few stores, if the...
It's more like Amazon, a 3rd party marker place.Shipping instructions are in English and varies dep on the seller.
What you mean? UC has always been extremely influential in streetwear, esp with their outerwear pieces. Not anything new. I think a lot more sufu blood spilling over into styleforum nowadays too. Sufu crowd a lot more dedicated towards true streetwear & japanese streetwear in particular.
I've seen places take off the sleeve from the shoulder, shorten the sleeve, and restitch. You wouldn't want to deal with shortening from the cuff side with zips. That could be a good options dep on the jacket. If it's not possible, you basically have to pay for the zip area to be redone which is a hassle. Either way, it's possible but pricey. Make sure you find a reputable tailor who works with leather in your area
New Posts  All Forums: