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tbh I think they were just being really lazy. They were trying to clear out a lot of stock, and most of the shoes were previously sold out in the sizes that were offered. Maybe a mix of clearance items, returns, etc... and they just decided to put it all up at 70% off at once.
I got one but I literally ordered within 2 minutes of the sale going live.
It depends tho.The black rafs I bought will be $200 max after shipping and duties. I was about to buy the same pair of shoes from B/S recently for $380 because they completely sold out last season in sz 42. Theres a lot of reasonable sizes and styles left on the site... it's not just your typical clearance styles.
I know they don't ship balenciagas, what else dont they ship to US? And I heard about the customs thing too but still prices too good even after factoring that in.
Sneakerboy. Rafs/ricks/balenciagas for ~$150, cps for $130 lol this is nuts.
This SB sale is insane... hope my order goes through. Managed to grab a pair of Raf Velcro highs in classic black for $150. I want a bunch of other shit but had to get that order through first and now it looks like the site is crashing.
Anyone else mind blown right now? Just realized what your username really stood for. Always read it as one word haha.
20% off - 20OFFNAOPLS
That's exactly what I use them for too haha. I travel often and they're perfect.
Hah, got me excited too.
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