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so many good pieces at cheap prices. sucks that i'm one or two sizes smaller than him for every piece
Didn't mean to call you out specifically, just saying there's no reason to go into this deeper without the guy even taking any action yet.
Jun Takahashi use to have an instagram but it changed to Undercover_Lab, UC's official IG. I would recommend following it if you're interested in the brand as they post news and cool things without spamming you. UC does a ton of collabs, popups, and promotional work that never make it out of Japan, so it's worth checking out. I also recommend listening to some of the musical influences of Jun Takahashi, as they deeply inspire him. You really see it all over his work in...
The OP hasn't stated any sort of resistance from UM on the issue. Yeah, it was messed up of them to sell a product in that condition, but I'm sure they'll resolve the situation, even in the case of final sale provided the proper evidence is there. Not that complicated guys. Don't think there's a need to quote california legislative law on goods sales... This type of talk can cause rumors and a bad image for a store and blow things out of proportion. I'm assuming UM will...
Pleasantly surprised by the amount of onsies retailers picked up, even if each store probably only have a few of each size.
Explains the price. The x8 came back in stock on notre sz V
Did the sz 4 feel too short for you at all? I'm 5'10 145lbs and i usually size 4 for schneider, but a few pieces like the sage end up being pretty short in the sleeves. can't decide if i should get sz 4 or 5 for some of the pieces i'm eyeing this season.
rare to see one of these for sale. to this day, still lookin for a sz 4... railed.com/listings/99256-stephan-schneider-ijevan-wool-mohair-cardigan
I have 4 geller jackets which all fit very slim, but I can usually get away with TTS. If you're between sizes always better to go up, and if its FW stuff that's lined or insulated sizing up makes sense (you would want to layer those pieces too).Bomber would prob be a different story due to material and being pretty lightweight. Outwear pieces feel tight generally in the pit/shoulder area for me.
I would say the MDR was the most popular model in terms of leathers. But the TOJ varsity was the one that started it all, and the one with the most re-iterations due to popular demand (lots of pictures of the varsity across different models). In terms of why, all of the TOJ patterns are just modernization of classics so you can explain a large part of the appeal right there. The varsity is easy to answer because it's easy to wear and flexible in styling. At the time,...
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