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Can someone explain to me what happened with Drew & Libertine? I only know that Drew was doing well there, but eventually got forced out one way or another. Never heard any of the details, but it sounds like it's because of negative comments regarding TOJ on Libertine's FB page? Just curious
Just feels like a Star Wars themed Battlefield... I imagine it will be more fun with a group of friends. Gunplay/mechanics are really unsatisfying though, which makes the game a bit boring. Active cooldown system is easily abused on guns and health regen makes the game ez mode if you're half decent at shooters.
thanks, good to know what to expect.Now this is what I get for browsing SF too much. Unexpected purchase #1 for October...
Anyone know how much to expect for import taxes if ordering virgils from visvim.tv or thenextdoor fr?
had a pair, it was loose in the waist slim on the thighs. not particularly slim though but there are so many versions of the aircuts its hard to say.on the topic of rick jeans why is it that detroits always look so much slimmer on models/stock photos? Most detroits I've tried on aren't tapered past the knee and have a pretty wide hem. I like how they fit in the top block but past the knee is too roomy for my taste.
Sz 4 is more like a large in Japan Sz 1 = 26-28 (xsmall) Sz 2 = 28-30 (small) Sz 3 = 30-32 (med) Sz 4 = 32-34 (large)
Because Paypal. It's so convenient.
Any leads on these past season chelseas in 42? No idea why I slept on them... Any fitpics of them would be great too. Maybe I can convince myself they don't look as good worn.
You're an idiot. Explain to me why Charly would actively help this thread file a police report if he still had any involvement with Drew. You don't think that, even if the chance is extremely minor, Drew goes to jail and Charly wouldn't get caught up with him at that point if they're still working together? You clearly don't know shit about the history of TOJ or Charly's involvement (more like lack thereof) in it's operations. Defaming someone with idiotic logic should...
New Posts  All Forums: