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do people still not know where ssense is located... its in canada. no tax for US no vat reduction eithershould prob look at a webshop's policies and location before ordering from them.
sad... I just bought a backpack. but toj daypack on grailed. am I even allowed to link grail links? meh im sure you guys can find it on your own. cop with swiftness wont be there long
they p much do the same thing every year... starts off at 30%, then 50%, then 70%.ofc everything good in normal people size goes oos in the first round tho.
Ordered from ssense to US multiple times never been hit with customs.And they dont do codes until final discounts, the up to 50% tomorrow should be automatic.
Yah nvm invite only and seems like its for paypal CA [[SPOILER]]
only new paypal accounts are eligible, have to be a member for
Yah they always do. just promotions but nothing crazy. Did get a box of $1 socks last year tho lol
Looking for an all black leather tote, with a chunky silver zip. Not overly simple, something along the lines of the TOJ helmut bag or MMM tote. This season's MMM tote would be perf but don't want to drop that much, thinking more of 3-5 bills range. Any recs?
I've had the 6 plus since launch day and it feels like a normal sized phone to me now. My hands are pretty small, but i have not had a problem with the 6 plus. I wear super skinny pants too and no signs of bending. I needed something to do a lot of reading on, didn't want to lug around a tablet just for that reason. 6 plus does it all and i rec it. Camera is also amazing and has replaced my canon s110.
New Posts  All Forums: