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how does the pea coat on nmwa fit? geller outwear always fits a little tight for me in the pits when i go TTS (48) but wide in the body. curios if I can get away with the 50 for the pea, considering i would maybe later with it anyway
^ I have that same blazer in 48 that I'm trying to get rid of, if anyone wants dibs before I put it up on grailed lmk. BNWT
^ http://apartmentnumber9.com/
hmm. totokaelo has been throwing up a ton of promos lately, not sure if that's a good or bad sign
Longshot, but I'll be in portland next week for 2 days. Any way to get a Nike employee pass? I didn't realize how hard they were to get.
I'm wearing one right now they're definitely short. I'm only 5'10. Tees are pretty meh, I just wanted to try one out and grabbed one from the totokaelo deal
cant be very surprised. they have a pretty shitty website, but items did say credit do not apply to the purchase. terrible way for them to handle it though. glad i missed out on the 5year wash
So cheap... http://re-porter.ca/clothing/glass-ice-lamb-leather-bauhaus-jacket/
Join RO Facebook groups and post what you're looking for. I've had good success with it
Dont know if you answered this already, but what changed? So use to seeing you head to toe in Rick.Kind of like the EG better though
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