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I was really looking for that wine in Norway wherein you can create a lot of it in just 1 pouch powder and stock for a week. It's really delicious and you can't resist it.
Bianos for me and yellowcab nothing else.
I would really love to drink coffee with cream.
Not my type all this photos here... Sorry but not to offend we got a lot of choices and its really up to us.
The collar is it faded or just the same color coz i think its almost faded in the first photo.
Depends how you carry wearing that jeans. Your the only one who can help it out.
Just go with chucks and shirts simple yet elegant try to look for best colors that suites you.
Nice and i like it, more important than wearing those and having it is on how your going to carry it all through out.
A call center agent which pays good income a month to get my shoes collection my obsession for a lifetime i guess.
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