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Thanks kindly! I'll check it out, and the price sounds reasonable. I appreciate your reply.   Cheers
For sale:   1 pair of Men's Frye Arkansas Mid Lace Boots in size 9. These are great boots, but I've got to clear things out. They are less than one year old.   The regular details:   -Made in the USA -Size 9D -Pebble full grain leather -Pull tab in back Elasticized side inserts for easy on/off -5 1/2" tall (leather upper) -6 1/2" tall from heel    The special details:   -Vibram wedge sole. I had my cobbler replace the standard sole and...
Hi all,   For simplicity's sake (and because my hair's a bit thin up top), I get it buzzed off every month or two, maybe down to a number 1.5. I keep a beard, but sometimes find trimming it really short with scissors a tedious task. I'd like to do both things myself - paying the barber shop 14 dollars for a few minutes works isn't going to cut it (no pun intended).   I'd appreciate any recommendations for a small, simple yet good quality electric hair clipper...
I glanced at the Outlier socks.  They sound like super-nice merino - but aren't they crew-length, not over-the-calf? (I could be wrong, I looked really quickly).   I've never found a crew length sock that doesn't eventually drift downward.  I can hardly get myself to wear anything other than over the calf, now.
I've really started to like the clean look of jodhpurs.  I can't afford the $400-500 and upward stuff right now, so I'm curious if anyone here can suggest a well made and attractive model(s) at around the $300 price point (I won't argue with less than $300, or a little more, too).   In addition, I'm hoping for something with a welted rubber sole that has a bit of traction.  I know they're not as elegant as a leather sole, but frankly, I am on my feet a lot in all...
sneakerbearz,   those navy boots are fucking gorgeous.
For sale: 1 pair of Outlier 3 way long shorts, size 30, in slate grey (which is really more of a muted, greyish navy blue).  These haven't even been worn an hour so are in like-new condition - except one thing: The waist was taken in slightly (I'm between a 29 and 30 waist) and the legs were hummed 1 original cuff length (probably not even an inch) higher.   I'm a tad over 5 feet, 9 inches tall and the bottom of the legs hit just above my kneecaps.   I'm only...
If you were referring to my post, I can't answer, unfortunately, having never owned or felt raw denim - but I think Outlier's site says they're tougher than raw denim.  When I spoke to them on the phone, they said the material wouldn't stretch out much, I guess because of the nylon content and the very tight weave.
Just got my Nyco Slims, but I'll be sending them back.  I dig the Olive Green/Drab color, the overall look of the pants - but the material is very, very stiff and won't suffice for doing anything much in the way of physical activity.  Pity.  
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